Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Land Of Shadow Edition

1. Shadowland: Daredevil is a collection of several Daredevil issues that tie-in to the Shadowland mini-series event. There is the broken back art problem in at least one issue. None of the characters accomplish anything in any issue. Finally it is too reliant on having read Shadowland.

2. The Flash #237 from 1975 has two bad stories. First off is the Flash's story which relies on some pseudo-science concerning vibrations in a human body being changed by waving hands around. I think the plot would have worked better if Professor Zoom had used futuristic technology. Also why is he trying to blow his own Earth up? Just seems suicidal to me. The second story features Green Lantern helping a populace of Plant people on a world that is constantly sunny on one side and night on the other. I don't think I need to explain why that does not work due to basic elementary school science.

3. Quantum & Woody #20 published by Acclaim Comics in 2000. The art problems are Quantum's cape changing size and characters eyeballs looking out of the corners of sockets wrong. There are also lettering mistakes in the form of seemingly misplaced word balloons and proper spelling. The issue makes fun of problems in linear storytelling, but fails itself in picking a main plot.

4. Thor #317 from 1982 has too much unnecessary exposition. Not to much the dialogue is clunky and there are lettering and grammar mistakes. However the two biggest problems are how the Man-Thing is brought into the story and the opening page feeling like it is continuing a part of the previous issue.


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