Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Thor Fist Edition

1. The Infinity Gauntlet #5 released November 2015 is just too chaotic and pandering of a comic. Also it really has nothing to do with the 2015/2016 event Secret Wars, and yet it is supposed to be a tie-in. We get an abrupt ending, changes to the story mid-point that create pandering moments, and too much dialogue. Not to mention it was late and the after-event books have already reached buyers hands.

2. Thors #4 released November 2015 is rushed on the ending. The letterer forgot the letter "n" on a word. It too is late. It suddenly decides to tie-in to Secret Wars proper. Finally the ending turns this book into a bit of a cash grab. Also like The Infinity Gauntlet (2015) series it leaves several questions unanswered.

3. Wolf #4 (2015) is very reliant on the first three issues' plot details. It also has an ending that feels too finale for a still ongoing series.

4. Rocko's Modern Life #2 circa 1994 is has one failed joke in the otherwise good first story. However the second story has no real jokes instead trying for one big joke. This causes the issue to feel like a waste of money. Not to mention the art is not as strong in the second story due in part to a sideways drawn page that you have to turn to read.


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