Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 5 Manga Opinion Piece

   I am a little confused about the placement of some pages early on. Meaning that Sailor Moon Crystal is actually more developed in certain areas of this story arc. For example when Usagi searches the Black Moon's castle in this volume. Also confusing is why Artemis is still looking like a noseless alien cat. Seriously he does! However the most confusing thing is arguably Saphir's interaction with Usagi. I mean he gives an apology and acts like he wants to help and then he turns homicidal for apparently no reason. Is he schizophrenic in this version of events?

  Other things I question are: where the Black Moon marked corpses came from? Are some of them the parents of the Black Moon characters we have seen? Did the baddie characters we have seen kill their parents? What happened to Mercury and the other character's legs during the teleport escape from the castle? Cause it looks like Mercury left leg is broken and all their legs look withered. Did Shingo grow when he is taking to his mother about Usagi?


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