Recommended Comics List Of 4 Goth Immortal Edition

1. Lumberjanes: Beyond Bayleaf #1 (2015) is a good all ages comic that kids, though mainly girls, will probably enjoy. It has ghost horses and evil huntresses in a story that is more spooky than horror. The art is very cartoonish in style. A very recommended read.

2. Mortigan Goth: Immortalis #1 of 4 published by Marvel Comics UK in 1993 is a decent story. featuring a faustian pact being made while Mephisto and Mortigan play a game of chess. It kind of stands on its own but has an abrupt ending which signifies that it was written to be read with the others. This is just a nicely crafted first issue that also happens to guest-star Dr. Strange. Recommended for anyone looking for a good story published back in the 1990s.

3. Hercules #1 (2015) has a good premise and provides a set-up for this character evolution of the classic ancient hero. Gilgamesh being a big layabout is the only weak point at the moment in this series. The regular cover art looks masterfully done, and the interiors are very well drawn. The pacing is great and the story is one that could be left alone if one did not fully enjoy this issue.

4. The Flash #270 (1979) is recommended more for the subplots than the main story. Though the story has some flaws it is an interesting first part to a two part tale. It is also recommended because we get to find out what Barry Allen's college dissertation was before Crisis On Infinite Earths.


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