Review With Spoilers Of Sherlock Holmes And The Necronomicon 2015 English Translation In Collected Format

 Warning Of Spoilers!

 This collection of the two issues of Sherlock Holmes And The Necronomicon is almost like a classic telling of Sherlock Holmes. The only differences are the lack of Watson, as well as him relating the tale, and the addition of the supernatural being real. As for whether the translation has substitutions for anything that the original text contained is beyond me.

  I did find two small problems with this work. One is that a previous story is both mentioned in a footnote and in-story to the point that it takes the reader out of the comic. However the brilliant art and writing quickly bring the reader back in. The second problem is minor to most people but will be annoying to hardcore fans of Holmes lore. Plainly said his nose is too small and regular looking. Even just increasing its size a little would have at least better matched his apparent age. (People's noses and ears continue to grow as we age.)

  I found the art to be spot on regarding texture with a complimentary color palette. Especially during the scenes involving snow. However the panel structure was a tad confusing at times regarding where to continue to read. As for the writing I feel it could have used more fleshing out in characterization. For example who and what the High Lord was supposed to be. Though in fairness the story did stay focused on the plot very well. 

   My verdict: Recommended for either fans of Sherlock and/or the Supernatural or just those looking for an entertaining read.


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