Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 14 Opinion Piece

   I enjoyed the fact that this episode's dubs have similar dialogue with some slight variations. Also delighted by the point this episode makes about 50 years being a bit too long to wait for revenge to be enacted. I mean the guy goes senile and forgets his own plan. Another good idea that is in this episode is the outer space version of international waters.

   Questions! Did anyone else think the criminal manual scam looked too much like a regular present day scam mixed with a movie ransom note? Does the Gate corporation's building resemble that one building in Australia in its outer design? What exactly were the problems the space gates had that kept being talked about? Why do companies in the real world allow flawed software and hardware on the market? (other than greed I mean.) Do the three old guys that recur ever get referenced in other animes? Why did the drugged hippy mention the bank? Does anyone else think the music was badly chosen during Faye and Spike's search for Hex in the station?

Next up is the movie!


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