Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episodes 12 & 13 Opinion Piece

   I like the commercial break bumper that suggests Cowboy Bebop is like a genre all its own. Another thing I liked was the senile three old guys being in the back of the bar Jet stops at and I just barely noticed them there. No clue if they are in the other episode of this two-parter. Also did anyone notice that the bartender assumes Jet is a Bounty Hunter but fails to detect any cop traits he might have still? This scene also left me wondering if Jet later came back for the bounty on the bartender.

   I also liked the exploration of honor and how it related to Vicious and Spike's characters. I mean Spike could have left Gren to die in order to go finish off Vicious for good. Instead he stops to do try and do the right thing. Yeah he is a bit selfish with his questions about Julia, but still there is a bit of selflessness in his actions toward the end. Speaking of Julia the Japanese dub fails in the the Blue Crow's owner describing her. In the English dub he describes her with awe and respect, but in the Japanese dub he simply calls her a babe. Does anyone else see why that makes the Japanese dub fail in that instance.

  Finally who else thinks the guy who tried to lead two muggings, and possibly worse in at least Faye's case, died after talking to Jet? Cause we do hear a crash after he is out of shot and then Jet covers his (Jet's) face.

 Note: Sorry this was late!


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