Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop The Movie Opinion Piece

  I really hate how much of a culture clash the different dubs of this movie are in terms of script and vocals. There is more emotion in the English acting versus the very subdued Japanese acting. Also did everyone else fail to notice that the old woman who is held hostage in the opening scene is so obviously a male Japanese actor? For crying out loud Ed Asner does a more convincing female voice in Justice League Unlimited versus that attempt! Also the lack of emotion from the Japanese cast slows the pacing of the movie, whereas the enthusiasm of the English cast evens it out.

   As for the script changes I think that the Japanese one feels like an attempt to combine Cowboy Bebop and Ghost In The Shell in an obvious way. The English dub's changes make this a more subtle combination. Of course this is merely my opinion. ("Duh, Obviously!")

  Finally does anyone else think that the three recurring old men need their own anime or manga in the next few years?


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