Doctor Who The Twelfth Doctor Issue 14 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The humor strip story is a joy that came be enjoyed by all ages. However unlike the main story it is not able to even partially stand on its own. Speaking of the main story it is very accessible due to the excellent summary of the previous events. Due to this summary I feel that it stands well on its own. The Doctor having the ability to deus ex machina in several instances, such as making a cold bomb out of Alien tech, fits rather well without throwing the plot off. As for the art it is a little weak on the Doctor's head at times, due to it looking compacted in skull size. Though aside from that little problem this is a strong drawn issue. Finally the coloring and lettering on the fire aliens is kind of epic in terms of the skill levels.

   My verdict: This is a very recommended comic!


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