In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 2

  Am I the only one who thinks Usagi's new sleepwear looks too Victorian era London in design? Just seems weird to me since she usually seems a bit fashion conscious. Also weird is the repetitiveness of  the opening scene at the beginning of the 90s English dub when compared to last episode. It seriously has way too similar dialogue and character actions. I think the unclothing and Usagi wants to be kissed parts are also kind of similar to the Sailor Moon R movie, without it being gross on the former part.

  Another weird element to this episode is how the new rod being "born" is done in an alluding to sex kind of way. Speaking of why was the heart sucking star shaped hole hidden in such a provocative place on the monster? Perverted artists? I also do not get why the Moon Kingdom background appeared, and whether it was an illusion or not. Finally, at least regarding the weird elements, why did the kid run to the abandoned house and not try to get help from neighbors? (Yeah, I know run time and plot reasons, but I still think it should have been attempted.)

   I am still wondering why Usagi keeps getting new outfits, accessories, and power upgrades while the others do not. Even Mamoru should get something by this point. The final thing I will say on this matter is Mamoru should try impaling more monsters with his extend-o cane from now on.


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