In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 4

   This episode's English dub has some lousy acting takes on from the actresses playing Uranus and Neptune. Also the English dub forgot to change the language on the Genetic Engineering book to English and relate it to music. Not to mention they failed in changing Mamoru's name to Darien on another book. I also found the monster violin more annoying in the English dub. Though the Japanese dub also had the problems of the "bittersweet" cookie comment and the flipping of the can.

   Questions! Why was Mamoru's apartment door unlocked? How do Uranus and Neptune practice that Lemon juggling act? Was that a whale or a wave in Neptune's painting? When is Chibi-Usa going to appear again? Why has the certainty of Mamoru and Usagi's love not been sustained? Why were Luna and Artemis waiting outside the concert building?


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