Larp! Volume 1 Review with Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  First off this graphic novel has a very anti-bullying/be yourself message that borders public service announcement territory but remains a non-PSA story. This is a good thing, especially due to how realistic and accessible the story is regarding plot, art and characterization. Though this is not to say the story and art are perfect. There are two problems with this work. Problem one is that the art sometimes borders unrealistic, such as when three characters try and "sneak a peak" via an angle. In this example the characters necks are elongated a bit which gives them the appearance of powers that are not in the story. The second problem is the lack of authority figure intervention borders almost on unrealistic. However since this is rated under juvenile fiction I will allow it since the story is good.

   My verdict: Definitely recommended for fans of Larping, fan works, Star Wars storm trooper cosplay, and finally teens and tweens.


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