Mystery Girl Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   There is something off with this issue that I just can't place. Maybe it's the voices seeming sort of similar or maybe it is something else. However what I can say for sure is that the cover has two definite problems. One involves the various arms lacking depth to suggest that they are not just a bunch of shooters piled on top of each other.  The other problem is that Trine's ribs are kind of showing over the bottom of the sleeveless area of her shirt. This suggests an eating disorder that the interior art does not suggest.

   Speaking of the interior work, the coloring while not daring like the cover is definitely a job well done in terms of palette selection. As for the art it is neither terrible or fantastic, but it does tell the same story as the writing. In regards to the writing, it is amusing in terms of the premise, characterization and the plot of this initial arc. However, like I said above there is something that just felt off about this issue. For that reason I can't recommend this issue. Though I do believe that this series could become a hit like Zodiac Starforce seems to have become, and that too did not get recommended status from me with the first issue.


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