Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Bond Bounty Edition

1. James Bond #2 (2015) published by Dynamite Entertainment has one massive flaw. It is clearly being written for the collected format. Also it has no summary of previous events which means that readers who missed the first issue may be confused. For example there is no reminder why James is bothering to mention the late 006. Not recommended in single issue format.

2. Though not a comic the 'Wolverine' video game from 1991 is based off the character from the comics. Unfortunately it is an extremely hard game to play, and not one I remember fondly. You lose health pretty much during every dangerous encounter, or just by having his claws out.

3. Basing any game on characters like Wolverine (extreme healing factor) or Superman (invulnerability) while making them easy to be hurt by things they would normally laugh at.

4. Phrases like "All Time Greatest" or "Best Ever" to describe comics or for that matter anything else. These kind of phrases will often change depending on mood, scandals, newer works, among other reasons. Not to mention phrases that deal in absolutes are like reviews in that they are opinion based. Look at any work and say it is magnificent and someone else could come along and point out flaws. Case in point those who said Watchmen couldn't be made into a movie, and yet it was made into a motion picture. Though whether it is watchable is up to each individual viewer.


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