Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 F Stark Reborn Edition

1. The Iron Man story titled "Oz Never Did Give Nothing To The Tin Man" that is found in Heroes Reborn #1/2 from 1996. It ends abruptly, and tells more then it shows. Thus it feels less like a prelude/preview and more like a proposal for an Iron Man series in comic form. Finally Reed Richards looks a little like how Peter Parker/Spider-Man looked at the time.

2. Iron Man #1 from 1996 has horrendous art to the point that characters are hard to tell apart. Another problem is that it does not continue off the attempted prelude from Heroes Reborn #1/2. It also features one of the least likable versions of Tony Stark I have ever seen. Tony only works if he is able to be empathized or sympathized with even before becoming Iron Man. Finally the origin and status quo set-up takes way too many issues.

3. Iron Man #2 from 1996 has a cover that barely shows Iron Man, but does show an over-muscled Hulk. It also has a severe lack of backgrounds and inconsistent character designs.

4. Iron Man #3 from 1997 is a waste of paper because of the the 180 degree turn Tony's personality does  in this issue. Not to mention the same problems that issue 2 had. It also has poor pacing, and an unnecessary guest spot by the Fantastic Four.


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