Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Bearded Bull Bear Edition

1. Iron Man #5 (1997) has too much dialogue for an issue that is primarily action oriented. Also the art has a character holding a gun one-handed which is not realistic given the character does not have super powers to avoid recoil.

2. Iron Man #6 (1997) starts abruptly and also comes to an abrupt halt with a cliffhanger ending. Poorly done art that does not make sense with what the character's objectives are, and what their emotion reactions should be in one instance. Also the characters are constantly changing in terms of design.

3. Iron Man #7 (1997) feels like a waste of money due to it being mainly set-up for the next issue(s). Also the art makes certain previously shown characters look unrecognizable.

4. Daredevil #160 (1979) The writing tells versus allowing us to just see what is happening. Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Mary Jane Watson cameo and look like totally stock characters. For instance MJ's eyebrows are too thick. Josie the dive bar owner looks cartoonish in the eyes and face. There is a drunk in Josie's bar who looks like he has a broken neck. There is badly drawn and conceived fight choreography. Black Widow basically gets de-powered in terms of her fighting ability and rendered into a victim/plot device. Also Ben Urich somehow teleports from behind his desk to in front of his desk. There are a few other flaws, but I think those reading this get the point.


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