Recommended Comics List Of 4 No Trump Card Here Edition

1. Birthright #12 (2015) has a good chapter of this ongoing story that picks up the pace in a very nice way. The art especially during the surprise cliffhanger is also impressive.

2. Doctor Who: The Eighth Doctor #2 (2015) is very accessible and works well as a standalone. It also continues some of the thematic elements from the first issue.

3. Hercules #2 (2015) is a great second issue that builds on the firs and yet it could easily be read by itself. Also both artists' work is hard to casually distinguish the differences between, which is a good thing. Finally the use of the supporting cast is done to great effect.

4. Marvel Team-Up #111 (1981) is flawed on some of the dialogue, but its a well written story nonetheless. Also the Robert E. Howard related elements will appeal to his fans. This also might be a profit gain for collectors at some point because of the non-marvel owned elements.


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