Unity Issue 25 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  There are really two very different issues of Unity in this single issue. First is the comedic takes based around a BS type movie pitch session that in a way makes this an issue of Quantum & Woody. However most of the parody/humor/satire stories fall flat in part due to the fact that we know it is woody telling the story. Though mainly it is just because the jokes are pretty one-note for most of these stories. I personally think the successful ones are the PSA parodies, Gin-Gr's layout, 'Good Buy' and 'Seen It All.' The art and writing range from interesting to intriguing in style. With the opening page being arguably the only truly bad one due to the angular line work.

   As for the second issue within this one it feels very tacked on in order to finish off the series. Though Matt Kindt does great presentation with the story's plot, dialogue, and panel layouts it still fails in two major ways. It feels like one of those tales that ends with "The Beginning" or "To Be Continued" and yet you know that it never will. Also this issue of the series was solicited as a comedy-centric comic, but this specific story is very dour. Finally it is too focused on Livewire when it would have been better as an ensemble piece, at least that is my belief.

   I am going to recommend waiting on the collected edition for this unless you just have to buy it in single format.


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