X-O Manowar Issue 42 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    There are two art problems that are just slightly above nitpick level. The first problem happens on the splash page showcasing Capshaw standing near what appear to be engine energy exhausts. She just looks too close to them. Problem two occurs when a soldier is apparently doing acrobatics after the human command ship is hit. Overall though the art is very consistent and strong work with a great color palette.

  As for the text, the lettering shows no real errors. Though I do feel the issue title could have been slanted a little less.

  Finally the writing is strong except for three weak points. The biggest weak point is the lack of a reminder of how Aric found out about trill being alive. This hurts the accessibility for anyone new to X-O Manowar picking this issue up on a whim. Next up is the fact that Aric's miniature anxiety attack  over whose side to pick seems out of character. It is especially hard to believe with how much he says in that moment. Finally the next issue caption makes a joking Ghostbusters reference that falls flat. Simply too obvious a joke.

  All said I do still feel this is worth recommending for regular readers and those looking to buy the collected edition this will be in. Translated that means I recommend it.


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