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Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 19 Opinion Piece

I think this episode would have benefited from an appearance or voice-over from the three senile old men. Anyone who disagrees needs to look up the Columbia Disaster and why this episode is already out there in believability. Speaking of which this episode really feels generic in the science fiction aspect, especially now that space shuttles are no longer used in the USA. Though it is enjoyable for those like myself who wanted to smack Spike for his actions in the last episode. Specifically Miles annoying Spike by yapping so much. Finally I prefer the English dub and that is mainly due to the dialogue changes.

   Questions! Who took the picture of Doohan, Spike & Miles we see at the end? Why did we have a moment where Spike is about to get coffee before a transition? Was there a pay-off to have the investigation of the Columbia Disaster shutdown? Why did Ein's pushing of the return key upset Ed so much? Was it a wrong key or a stolen moment of fun/glory?

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Agent Inhuman Edition

1. 2016's Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2's first two episodes for their close to realistic depiction of how bad bigotry was in the USA of the past. (Though we haven't advanced a lot in the fight against bigotry in the United States Of America or the world.)

2. Howling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 (2016) is recommended due to its decent story and art. It is not the greatest comic ever but it does have excellent pacing and foreshadowing.

3. All-New Inhumans #3 (2016) has great characterization and dialogue. It also reveals what befell the tyrant father of the current villainous tyrant which instantly made this great in my opinion.

4. Mega Man Volume 5 Rock Of Ages from 2013 is awesome in how it shows positives of artificially intelligent robots. The final story in this volume is also a fun and interesting all ages time travel story. Recommended especially for kids.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Spring Suckers Edition

1. Spring #1 (2016) has dialogue that makes no sense and only one time where it works as an actual interaction. There is no focus and nothing happens. Total waste of time and energy!

2. The 1982/1983 advertisement titled 'The Incredible Hulk And The Magic Snake' is nonsensical. First off jump cuts in the sequence of events. Serpentino (the villain) is dressed in the color scheme of the Magic Snake toy yet doesn't know about the toy. Also Hulk just happens to help the richest twins in the world and is not threatened by cops or security guards. Finally the Hulk smashes into the mansion and does not end up scaring anyone. The most he gets is a "BAH!" from the villain.

3. Power Man And Iron Fist #102 from 1984 is a poorly constructed tribute/send-up of The Maltese Falcon that starred Humphrey Bogart. (There is a version of The Maltese Falcon that was made before the Bogart one.) What makes it poor is the fact that there is exposition that is not needed. It also keeps…

Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 18 Opinion Piece

This episode's opening is arguably overdramatic when it comes to suspense. I believe this to be true because like Spike and Jet's search for a player there is no result. Another thing that is annoying is how frustratingly stupid and impulsive Spike acts throughout the episode. I really just want to smack him! Not that I don't like the episode it is just that it could be better in character actions and direction. Speaking of the direction I have to wonder if it was in the script or direction to have Ed flick her nose with her toes. It is a very subtle thing but it happens. Finally I found the slight dialogue changes made the English dub better.

    Questions! How was the package still in transit through the mail if it stopped at all those locations? Did a whole bunch of people have to pay for shipping of the Beta Max tape? How many other people feel old from watching this episode and hearing about VHS and Beta Max tapes? How many people exist that are clueless about VHS,…

Dark Horse Takes Five Spots 2016 YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Teens List Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Last week, the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA) committee published their much-anticipated 2016 Great Graphic Novels for Teens list. Not surprisingly, given the tremendous success of Dark Horse’s 2015 publishing line, the publisher landed five titles on this year’s list! This year’s Dark Horse selections are as follows: ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria for the End Times. By Andrew MacLean. Illustrated by the author. Dark Horse Originals, paper, $9.99 (9781616555665). Alone at the end of the world, Aria and a cat named Jelly Beans search for an ancient relic with immeasurable power.

EI8HT Volume 1: Outcast. By Rafael Albuquerque and Mike Johnson. Illustrated by Rafael Albuquerque. Dark Horse Books, paper, $17.99 (9781616556372). Joshua agrees to go on a mission through time to save his wife, but finds himself in a world outside of time.

Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: 1952. By Mike Mignola and John Arcudi. Illustrated by Alex Maleev. Dark Horse Books,…

Sequart's Image Comics Documentary Released Through Shout Factory Press Release

Sequart's Image Comics Documentary Released Through Shout! Factory
Sequart Organization and Respect Films are proud to announce that Shout! Factory has picked up their documentary, The Image Revolution, for distribution!
The Image Revolution examines one of the most important and daring moves in comic book history. In 1992, a group of top-tier artists left Marvel Comics to create their own company… a company that continues to influence mainstream comics and culture to this day. Image Comics was more than just a publisher, it was a response to years of creator mistreatment, and it changed comics forever.
The Image Revolution tells the story of Image Comics, from its founders’ work at Marvel, through Image’s early days, the ups and downs of the ’90s, and the publisher’s new generation of properties like The Walking Dead. It’s the amazing account of a dynamic group of upstart comics entrepreneurs battling against not only major companies, but sometimes each other.

Dark Horse Celebrates 30 Years With A Year Long Variant Program Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—2016 marks 30 years since Dark Horse Comics erupted onto the scene with their very first title, Dark Horse Presents. Since 1986, Dark Horse Presents has won multiple Eisner and Harvey Awards and launched some of comics’ greatest heroes. This week, Dark Horse is releasing a new variant program which will continue throughout 2016. Every month, one comic will be selected to have a very special 30th Anniversary variant cover paying homage to a specific issue of Dark Horse Presents. Additionally, each issue serves as a perfect jumping-on point for new readers! Now on comic store shelves is the Hellboy Winter Special, which features Mignolaverse debuts by Tim Sale (Captain America: White), Michael Walsh (Secret Avengers), Chris Roberson (iZombie), and Chelsea Cain (Heartsick, One Kick). The Mike Mignola cover artwork is a throwback to the very first issue of Dark Horse Presents (1986). Continuing where the Rise of the Tomb Raider game left off, Lara Crof…

The Witcher Fox Children Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The ending with the supposedly missing ship is hard to believe due to the ship sort of looking like it is still in the panel. Also I think this is a made for the trade type comic due to how this issue reads and the title giving away the possible ending. Meaning I think Janessa is another Vulpess. Going back to the art the fingers and minimalism lack consistency and could be improved. For example a character points while holding a compass and said finger is barely visible. The pointed finger also lacks depth. Finally the characters don't emote enough during most scenes, and the colors are not varied enough. Definitely not recommended.

EI8HT Issue 5 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The Spear dies too easily by the main character's plan. Heck, the whole issue wraps up too many things too quickly and neatly. However the dialogue and characterization save the script from being a terrible one. Not to mention the art is good, especially in showing characters emotions and creating a kinetic feel. Finally the coloring is still the best in setting a sense of place with a bare minimum of a palette.

  My verdict: I recommend it.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 8

I like the monster's dialogue more in the original English dub. It just brings more levity to a very serious feeling character study. Not that I think the Japanese dub is a downer I just feel it is less joyful. That being said I do dislike the vice principal being a definite jerk in the Japanese dub. I mean he is openly putting down students while putting pressure on Ami.

   Questions! What was Ami's actual realization in the episode? I mean she comes to one yet neither version gives us the answer. Anyone else notice the monster was worried about drowning because she couldn't swim? Aren't cats wary of pool water? Can cats swim? Is the music during the second race similar to a character's theme from Gundam Wing, or is that just me imagining things? Why did Uranus and Neptune not do anything? How come Tuxedo Mask, Luna, and Artemis miss seeing or smelling them?

Usagi Yojimbo Issue 151 Review

There is a great twist in the story that even those who are very well-read will not see coming. Also a great deal of suspense is built up without slowing down the pacing of the narrative. Though the dialogue does get a little too modern and/or clunky in certain word balloons. As for the art it is excellent in terms of the facial features and level of texture. A recommended one issue story.

Ninjak Issue 11 Review

The textures in both the main story and "The Lost Files" story are exquisite. Though I found the latter to be more detailed. In regards to pacing the latter story is a quick, but that is due to it having to tell about the same amount of information in less pages. As for the art styles I believe Juan Jose Ryp and Doug Braithwaite are similar yet distinct enough to be complementary. (Which is something that can help comic books with connected stories.) Whereas the color palettes are equally good but more suited to the style of narrative each colorist is assigned. For example Brian Reber's palette selection is dealing with more of a video game type narrative akin to Final Fantasy. In other words a beautiful epic and weird story. On the other hand Ulises Arreola is dealing with a more textured and gothic feeling narrative. In conclusion this is a most recommended comic.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Punishment By Birthright Edition

1. The Punisher volume 4 #28 from 2003 is not the best fit in terms of the art. However, it establishes some verbal history of why Frank Castle is not homophobic.

2. Birthright #13 (2016) has good story and art with enough accessibility for any oncoming readers.

3. Mega Man Volume 2 Time Keeps Slipping (2012) collected edition is very accessible for both fans and non-fans of all ages. Cool art and great dialogue wrapped in a logical narrative.

4. Bitch Planet #1 (2014) for varied female forms and other great elements of art. Also great writing especially with Penny. Finally it has a well-written article in the back of this issue on concerning Feminism. Oh and did I mention the awesomeness that is Penny.

X-O Manowar Issue 43 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue confronts the concept of racism in several ways, but most obviously with a vine boy playing with a human boy. Another example is the during the briefing where the "planting" majority is mentioned as wanting to co-exist with humans. That is kind of a metaphor for humankind in that most people just want to live their own lives as peacefully as possible. Finally there is reference made of a monster & war criminal from World War 2.

  While the issue as a whole is good there are problems in both the art and writing. First Capshaw seems like someone who would not ask to fly along with Aric while wearing a skirt. Yes, it was a good visual shot, but I think it would've worked better with pants. Another out of character moment is Aric going on the covert mission with Ninjak. I know that Aric is the titular character, but it just felt a little hard to believe because of how he stands out. My main problem with the art is that the line work need…

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Spider Britain Edition

1. Marvel Team-Up #65 is actually just a fight based off a misunderstanding between Captain Britain and Spider-Man. They don't actually team-up till next issue so this one is kind of pointless to read. Also the lame villain Arcade is used in this issue, and the most he does is tell a lie to the cops. As a single issue it just does not work on its own which single installments need to do.

2. I Come In Peace #1 (1991) is apparently the first part of a movie adaptation in comic book form.  The comic was published by Greater Mercury Comics. It has bad cliches and is riddled with mistakes on every creative level. There is also no depth to the characters or story which adds to the inaccessible narrative.

3. Both stories from Action Comics #430 (1973) are bad, though they could have easily have been good if not for certain flaws. For example The Atom's story has a weak plot that lacks depth and a lame ending. While Superman's story never answers the question on the cover. Also Su…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Comics Being Books Edition

1. Hercules #3 (2016) continues to explore questions about change and while revitalizing this character. Also contains great dialogue and art.

2. Uncanny Inhumans #4 (2016) has an attempt to resolve a problem through time traveling in a way I have not encountered before. An interesting if flawed resolution to the opening story arc that I feel is accessible to various types of readers.

3. Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat #2 (2016) has both a great ending and lots of foreshadowing. It also features positive elements while having some low moments in the narrative. Highly recommended!

4. Doc Savage #3 published in 1988 by DC Comics. This comic does not have a story that matches the cover and there is some unnecessary narration at the beginning. However, overall this comic works for those looking for a good story by Denny O'Neil or just a revisionist/deconstructed look at Doc Savage. Finally the aesthetics are still a beautiful thing in terms of design and coloring.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 23 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue is focused mostly on Andrew and his annoying lack of development over a long amount of time. Andrew basically has an illusion of change in this issue when he makes a supposedly smart decision. However the logic of the plot point is non-sensical and irrelevant. Andrew should have already used magic, or had Willow or a demon council member do magic or something, to give Jonathan's consciousness a body. Instead Christos Gage compresses the story so that a surprise attack can be launched on the Sculptor, who apparently gave Jonathan a body. (Though I think said body houses some of the supposedly dead Sculptor and thus we will see him again.)

   Besides the of Andrew only do one thing right (which is not real change by the way) Gage also has signs of Buffy being an idiot and Spike being way too insecure. An explanation of the "Buffy being an idiot" is as follows: Buffy wants a "normal" life when normal is, and always has been, rela…

Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 17 Opinion Piece

This episode works better with the English dub due to the blaxploitation elements, such as the Pam Grier and Shaft references. Also believe this to be true due to how obvious the panning around the Bebop shot is at the beginning when I watched the Japanese dubbing. However I did enjoy the subtle differences between the two dubs of this episode. Such as the sentence structure change right before the Coffin is smashed, though that might have been a translator's mistake.

   Questions! Why do the 3 Old Men appear and/or speak in all the episodes except apparently Jupiter Jazz Part 2? How many other experiments, besides the bad mushrooms, have Ed and Ein done on the rest of the Bebop crew?

Power Cubed Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Waste of time to read! There is an obvious difference in the art due to a different inker than Aaron Lopresti doing the inking of his (Lopresti's) work. This happens to be the only arguable improvement! The panels are often missing backgrounds, and among several other mistakes April's right eye looks off while her left looks bruised for no reason. As for the alien dad plot line it goes nowhere in hopes of leaving a plot element for a potential sequel. A whole bunch of other plot elements are just slapped together to end the issue on an irreverent moment regarding the fate of Dr. Cruel's thug(s).

   My verdict: Not recommended unless you need to burn something in a steel drum trashcan.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 7

Who okayed the star hole located in such a prominent place on the monster? Seriously this whole episode is laced with innuendo in the Japanese Dub. It further adds to my belief that there were dirty minded staff members running the show this time around. I mean the monster keeps losing clothes and basically flashes Jupiter. Not to mention Kaolinite's neckline or lack there of. However I am amused by the most homosexual element being the bit between Haruka and Makoto in the original English dub's final conversation between the two. It is amusing due to how they tried to censor out all homosexual elements and yet they missed the massive element they added to the story. Close minded idiots got what they deserved!

  Going back to what I found annoying I have to say that the scarf monster's introduction is kind of scary compared to the previous monsters we have seen this season/series. I mean grabbing for one thing and it becoming a monster is basic nightmare material. Though…

Faith Issue 1 Advance Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  There is one small problem with the art and that is the faces lack enough texture. They just look a bit too smooth, especially Faith when she is doing the hero thing. However I do like the panel layouts, kinetic feel, and the emoting shown through the characters' actions and faces. Very masterful artwork in those ways that is complemented by equally great color selections.

   If there is one thing I want from this series it is for Faith's boss to be a Lex Luthor type nemesis at some point. In layman's terms a bald, smart villain who can't see through a disguise. Speaking of which the voices for all the characters are unique for each one. I feel there is story potential for a good fifty issues with this cast of characters and Faith's current job.

   Finally there are references and jokes galore that will please a lot of areas of geekdom. I look forward to the next few issues, and hopefully a Faith cartoon or live-action adaptation at some poin…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Slap A Trump Now Edition

1. Captain America Sam Wilson #5 (2016) has beautiful art. It also has an interesting narrative that touches on both sides of the corporate part of political discussions. Though it will probably piss off ultra conservatives, some other conservatives and certain others of different political beliefs it very neutral in presentation. My one real problem is the opening and closing exposition by the new Falcon feeling a little unnecessary.

2. Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor: Year Two #1 (2016) has decent art and an interesting mystery for non-experts of Whovian trivia.

3. The Mighty Thor #3 (2016) has an interesting idea that could be exploited more. Said idea is that gods can be somewhat crazy due to the multiple variations/tellings being incased in one form. Also nice art and writing.

4. Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor: Year Two #4 (2016) good cliffhanger ending with a narrative that provides equal amount of questions and answers. Though the art is merely okay in line work consistency.

Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 16 Opinion Piece

This episode works better, at least for me, in Japanese. I think part of the reason for this is that the Audio mix seems to have been screwed with a tiny bit. For example the music during Jet's space assault on the convict's ship seemed to be different depending on the dub. Also the Buddha reference does not work from an English speaking Faye Valentine. Also the changes in the dialogue during the initial reunion between Fad and Jet just took something away for me when comparing the dubs.

   Questions! Why did we need the Faye dancing to avoid a cold shower joke? Was said joke thinly veiled fan service? Anyone else notice Jet's gun did not visibly fire anything at Fad? (I am still seriously surprised by that goof.)

Imperium Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue has a thrilling cliffhanger for the present day setting, though the cliffhanger for the 1968 setting is mild by comparison. It mainly explores the horror of a sentient, but ruthless weapon. On a other level it explores how certain people will try an use others who are unwilling or unrelated to promote their (manipulator's) cause.

  While I do recommend this issue it is with two problems pointed out: The writing contains the problem of present day Harada revealing his sleep vault to the whole team. This makes the character appear a little bit more arrogant than usual, though to be fair he is tired at this time. As for the art it contains a script related problem in that a past panel is positioned in a jarring location. It briefly makes the issue feel like a "made for the trade" type comic. However it quickly bounces back from this problem. Finally I think the past scenes were a little too textured due to the amount of lines, but that is l…

A Concept That Is Not Happening But Could: The Soap As Comic

I have seen a lot of television shows from several genres continued in comic book form but never a soap opera. Yes soap operas could actually work in comic book form, especially given that they often have the same cliches as the American super hero genre. For example characters being brought in for a cameo even when it makes no sense due to not acting or sounding the same. Heck, the resurrections that happened in All My Children and One Life To Live probably rival(ed) both Marvel and DC's numbers. In fact there are so many canceled soap operas that the rights to one could possibly be picked up for a price under a billion, or in some cases millions of dollars.

  I think this would be a good idea in order to continue the Soap Opera genre, especially because of the cost saving ability to not require as many writers or any musicians. At least for the canceled series it is a good idea. As for the format I feel that both printed collected editions and weekly in digital for a cost that…

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Red Iron Of Dedication Edition

1. Dedication #1 published in 2015 is lazy in the art in particularly what is on the various shelves in the store setting. Also it lacks the illusion of kinetic motion which causes it to feel slow and static even for a Zombie comic. If one does not know about the other series it is connected with than one may not realize it is a Zombie story.

2. Red Wolf #2 (2016) treats the story as if no one has heard of super-beings or unusual events happening. Instead we get Red Wolf reacting peacefully and yet he is arrested for pretty much no reason. This issue does not successfully build on any of the set-up from the first issue. Another thing worth mentioning is that the opening and closing of this issue are confusing.

3. Iron Man #10 (1997) has poor foreshadowing at the beginning and around the end of the issue. Also very frenetic line and design work. Finally the pacing is too quick.

4. Iron Man #12 (1997) has several jump cuts and leaps in logic.

The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage: Second Lives Issue 1 Review

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The dusky colors really accentuate the artistry of this issue. Though the minimalism of Roberto De La Torre's work needs to improve a bit in terms of facial features. As for the crowd scenes Roberto is an expert at not losing focus and keeping the scenes from being too chaotic. In regards to the writing Jen Van Meter really brings her A-game to play with how realistic the main couple interacts with each other and their friends. She also allows all the characters, even the one-note ones, to feel fleshed out. Finally there is a sense of history that is totally accessible for those just jumping in to comics or Valiant's multiverse. I recommend tracking this comic down for a read.

Mind Management Issue 29 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    A great set-up is performed via flashback for the jail break distraction. Though at the same time the accessibility of the issue is hurt by the jail sequence, specifically how this situation came about. If one is familiar enough with the story the problem is not an issue, but it would be very present if one is unfamiliar. As for the art it is arguably at its best with the x-rayed body image on the cover. The line work is strong throughout, but the visual effect is weak on the "flower/card" trick. Without words being shown said trick would just look like an error in the art.

   Overall I recommend this issue either in print or digital edition.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 6

This episode raises the question: Why are the Daimon seeds not created and released in large amounts? Seriously it would be more interesting story-wise versus the latest villains just being more powerful than the last ones. Plus it would set-up why Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask were chosen to rule in the future due to being known for saving the world. Though this is not to say that this season is bad, at least not in the Japanese dub, but that it could have been better.

  As for the episode's original dubs I can really see why the "cousins" change for Uranus and Neptune annoyed original English viewers of this season. Also Umino winning, and beautiful, declaration of love for Naru is awesome in the Japanese dub. However I think it was ruined with the changes they made in the English dub, which simply makes it awkward. For example I almost got brought to tears by the Japanese speech and yet I was dry as a sandy desert with the English speech. Mind you both plots are very …

Starbrand And Nightmask Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue has a good premise and an amazing cover and great color selections. Everything else is horrifically bad. From the cameos by Squirrel Girl and Sunspot to the sudden love interest for Starbrand this comic is just not written well. For example there is no explanation of why Sunspot did not have the villain situation under control before the titular characters arrived. Nor is there an explanation of S.P.E.A.R. or how said organization appeared so quickly. As for Squirrel Girl, she was missing the tail in the pants and is used for a brief joke/reminder that she attends the same college. Finally, at least for the writing, the love interest is scarred and handicapped but is treated as a immediate "hottie" by Starbrand. So he possibly can immediately look past appearances (highly unlikely for a teen), has some fetishes I would have liked not to have learned right off the bat, or the writer skipped realistic developments.

  As for the internal art i…

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Starking Deadpool Edition

1. Near Death #4 published at image in 2011 is inconsistent in the line work. For example facial features seem to slightly change in terms of how the lines are put together. Also the cover is crowded in a nonsensical way. As for the writing it has a leap in logic at the end and a generic narrative throughout. Though there is a quality that almost makes this worth getting and it is the article written by the creator about television shows.

2. Grifter #4 published by Image/Wildstorm back in 1995. Is too hyper-stylized in the art and very generic in the narrative. While an okay comic it is just not something I feel is worth being recommended.

3. New Mutants #98 (1991) is a piece of "Bleep" full of bad art that has eyes and feet missing. Also a severe lack of backgrounds and poor dialogue. It may have the first appearance of Deadpool but he is far from a satiric or interesting character here.

4. Iron Man #10 (1997) has unearned emotional moments. Also poor foreshadowing. Finally…

Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 15 Opinion Piece

Well it took me several years but I finally figured out all the reasons why I loathe this episode. First off Faye is treated as less intelligent than we have previously seen. I think this is because of the attempt to do a "sleeping beauty" goes into debt after awakening story. Seriously the creatives keep  heavily referencing the fairytale aspects from the beginning to around the middle section. It is very annoying to hear, and more so in my native dub due to the "Solar Antennae" remark.

   Another thing that annoys me is the singing during the Faye falling for the con montage. I mean if anyone wakes up in situation with no memory of themselves yet they retain every day knowledge than they should not be so gullible. For crying out loud if she was so desperate to know why not look up names of places she could remember. Also why did no one ever come looking for her, or for that matter keep tabs on her? Heck since it was a hospital what about DNA or facial or finge…

Adults Only Post Promoting A Vote For Sarah Vandella per request by The Rub PR

My tweep (twitter pal) The Rub PR asks that you vote for Sarah Vandella at the throated challenge  on Adults Only Link. So please if you are a fan or just a supporter of the adult industry give it a consideration at the least. (If under legal age in your area please do not click on the link.) Voting ends this Friday.

    The Rub PR is touted as "THE Adult PR agency" and can be found on twitter via @TheRubPR and Sarah Vandella can be found on her official twitter account of @MsSarahVandella. Again keep in mind these are Adults Only twitter handles so only adults should be following them.

Lobster Johnson: The Glass Mantis Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   There is an art deco meets shades of the reniassance period, and some apparent hints of expressionism from German film, in Toni Fejzula's art. Just amazing stuff that works well with the simple, yet brilliant, plot. If there is one problem it is that we are told rather than shown how an escape is done. Otherwise this is a pulp style story that is as close to perfection as possible.

 Very recommended!

Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Punishing Of Creel Edition

1. The Punisher: War Zone #16 circa 1993 is a great ending to a great arc. Good design work and consistent anatomy. It also has okay choreography in crowded scenes. Simply put it is a rare find of awesome for that year.

2. Howard The Duck #3 (2016) is an entertaining read that continues providing new jokes based around the Marvel Universe. Also good art and coloring in both the main story and the Gwen Pool story.

3. Avengers #184 (1979) is not the best Avengers story but it is pretty good. Quick and evenly paced with snappy dialogue and a nice plot. Though I would be hesitant to hand it to certain readers who might not understand what Falcon is doing with his "Yes mastuh" type mocking of authority.

4. The Death Of Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin Graphic Novel from 1982 is a good character death that has sort of stuck. Very nice inking and facial expressions. Also a nice character study while doing an ensemble piece.

Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   I have a nitpick over Gilad sort of resembling Ivar in the first few pages of flashback. Yes there are the scars I think those who are unobservant will fail to notice them on those pages. However in the grand scheme of quality comic making this is nothing of relevance. What is relevant is the obviously unsteady line work during the verbal confrontation between Kalam and Gilad. It is very noticeable in  the line work for Kalam's hands. Though the art is flawed in places everything else about this comic screams an entertaining quality story, and thus I recommend it.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 5

I am a bit miffed by how they screwed up Motoki's sister name checking him in 1990s English dub. They have the sister call him Paul instead of Andrew in the English dub. Also a bit miffed that they did the kissing zombie bit in this episode when nothing like that happened in the past. Just seemed a tad weird and possibly sexist.

  Despite my problems with this episode I did like the Tuxedo Mask doll appearing in the dump before we see the real deal. Another thing I enjoyed is Mamoru not knowing the answer to Usagi's first kiss question, especially because those kind of moments can be lost to memory. (Happened to me for a while regarding my first kiss.) Of course the fact that past life experience is involved makes it especially tricky for Mamoru. Though I am surprised this hasn't come up sooner in this version of events.

    Questions! How come it took so long to put Unazuki's crystal back? Is it just me or was the legs sprouting from the vacuum cleaner kinda of a h…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Punish For Nothing Edition

1. The Punisher #14 (2002) is a fun mature readers comic that has enough going for it that I am recommending it for those looking for a short read.

2. The Punisher #15 (2002) for its premise of a ride-along with the Punisher. Also for the tiny bit of character development for Frank Castle when it comes to his choosing of targets and "friendships."

3. The Punisher #30 from 2003 for the powerful message of an oncoming future without, or at least less, bigots. Though the art is a little too Judge Dredd for my tastes.

4. Doctor Strange #4 (2015) is recommended as an example of a story's title actually being important in foreshadowing the events of the story. Also good art, coloring and writing. (Though the lettering was a little flawed.)

Possible Nonexistent Band Names List Of 4

1. The Stoyas

2. Brock Samson Tribute Band

3. The Doc Joneses Of Grail

4. Human Sufferers

    Note: This is a new ongoing list that will be done every once in a while. It will contain band names I do not think exist. Bands searching for a name are free to take them on.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Jason Beere Edition

1. Avengers #169 published around early 1978 is a racist and underwhelming story. Regarding the latter problem the plot is weak and the story has too much text.

2. Captain America #13 from 1997 is nonsensical crud. It has logic fails, lack of focus, and no reason to care about the story's characters. Not to mention Captain America may as well be just another guest-star in this issue.

3. The Fade Out #12 from 2016 just ends in a way that in my opinion suggests that Ed Brubaker wrote himself into a corner and got bored with the narrative. It is a fine work in a lot of other ways but the final page is too ambiguous. Finally there is no one left to like by the end of this story.

4. The Infinite #1 from 2011 is atrocious in art due to the now-standard flaws in Rob Liefeld's art. However it is also horrible in the writing because of the lack of proper setup and over-reliance of action. Honestly we are not given any real reason to believe that Bowen, the lead character, is truly in t…

Weird Ideas List Of 4 Giant Smash Of Yellow Edition

1. I wonder if the first person to say the word "yellow" in North America was a woman or a man.

2. When did that happen? (The above event.)

3. What was the name of the first Latin speaking person to wear yellow clothes?

4. Who was the first murderer to paint with yellow paint?

Ivar Timewalker Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   While I found the ending a little baffling regarding where it leaves things for two characters I do think this is an impressive ending. Also the layouts of the panels on each page intensive the action and dramatic tension. Though the art does have the problem of consistence regarding character's proportions. For example the first page has Ivar looking a little frumpy and rotund in one panel. Not to mention the different Neelas' chests looked too varied to be duping Ivar. However overall the art is great, especially involving the beginning of time jail at the bar and the call back to the opening arc.

   Recommended in this timeline/universe.

Kenji Tsuruta's Wandering Island Flies With Dark Horse Comics Press Release

The creator of Spirit of Wonder returns! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse Comics is thrilled to announce the publication of the first new work by Kenji Tsuruta in English in 20 years: Wandering Island! Wandering Island is a retro flying adventure in the spirit of Hayao Miyazaki. With eight pages in color, this special edition features an extended wraparound cover with French flaps. Mikura Amelia is a free-spirited young woman who lives alone with her cat and operates an air delivery service, flying her vintage seaplane to Japan’s small island communities located hundreds of miles out in the Pacific. When her beloved grandfather passes away, she discovers he left her an undelivered parcel, addressed to an island that doesn’t exist . . . or does it? To answer the question, Mikura flies off in search of the truth behind the Wandering Island! Wandering Island is in stores July 6, 2016Preorder your copy today at your local comic shop or through these fine retailers: Amazon

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 7 Manga Opinion Piece

Okay this post is late because I have been helping an injured friend out for the past few weeks. Also because I am greatly confused as to wether the Kodansha Comics English translation of this volume is actually correct. Specifically is it saying that Haruka is not just a lesbian but a hermaphrodite? I mean there is a statement about how she has both qualities of the primary gender types. So that leads me to think that either the Japanese version is kind of insulting homosexual women, or that she is a hermaphrodite lesbian. (I would appreciate comments from anyone regarding this!)

  Another confusing thing is whether we have a retcon here involving Sailor Pluto's past as a guardian of time. Cause if I am not mistaken she started out guarding the time door as a kid. Though seeing as reincarnation, time paradoxes, and magic are involved who knows what really happened. However I do like that she is back in the narrative.

  I also like the fact that Chibi-Usa realizes how she react…

Rai Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Wow! This final issue has amazing art and writing but an abrupt cliffhanger ending. It is so abrupt I had to double check a non-review copy in order to make sure I wasn't missing something. Also this is really just a "to be continued" or "just the beginning" type ending with an actual continuation coming up. In other words if you were unsatisfied with this series than this is a good jumping off point for you. However, I think this is where things will turn into a more ensemble piece for the 4001 AD setting of the primary Valiant Universe and thus it is more a jumping on point. Finally there is nothing more I can say except nice foreshadowing and emoting. (Oh and that I personally want some story arcs about the simple-minded Lemur in 4001 AD.)

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Stark Armor Bros Edition

1. Iron Man #8 (1997) has poorly done sub-plotting/foreshadowing and generally bad dialogue. Also a severe lack of backgrounds plagues this issue. Finally a few other previously mentioned art problems displayed in the previous issues of this series pop up again.

2. Iron Man #9 (1997) relies on emotional investment for a character that is also making his first full issue appearance here. It also lacks backgrounds.

3. Squadron Supreme #1 from late 2015, early 2016 has poor characterization. Also it is basically one fight scene and a few pages showing a reaction to said fight scene. Finally it fails to properly set-up anything for the series going forward.

4. Squadron Supreme #2 from late 2015, early 2016 continues the poor characterization and stock level writing.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Patsy Walker Edition

1. Patsy Walker A.K.A. Hellcat #1 from late 2015/early 2016 is a comic with great art, funny writing and massive potential for new characters. If you are looking for a real all-ages book that just happens to be rated teen then this is it.

2. Howling Commandos Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #3 from late 2015/early 2016. Smart villains that actually think ahead. Also features an interesting build-up from previous issues while standing okay on its own merits.

3. Injection Volume 1 released in 2015 is a collection of the mature readers comic by Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, Jordie Bellaire. It is very much made for the collected edition in terms of its pacing.  Also it explores things like future studies, guilt, and various other real world concepts while allowing the reader to dive into a realistic science fiction/fantasy setting.

4. Mega Man #55 from Late 2015, Early 2016 is the final issue of the first ever Archie Comics Mega Man comic series. It presents a good tribute narrative for long-time fans a…

Bloodshot Reborn Issue 9 Review With Spoilers

Spoiler Warning!

   The only two problems I found with this issue are: The faces are not always consistent in model or line work. Also the boy being given a second chance when we don't know that much about when the nano machines infected him, or for that matter why. It would have been nice to get some kind of explanation of that before the story arc closed. I mean he looks a little bit too old to be totally unknowing regarding the beginning of his nano infected actions.

   Despite problems mentioned above this issue has great dialogue and believable characters. I especially loved the texture during the rain scenes. The color and the art work well together throughout the issue but are exemplary in the final pages. Finally I am going to recommend this book for one more reason and it is hidden on the end shot.