A Concept That Is Not Happening But Could: The Soap As Comic

  I have seen a lot of television shows from several genres continued in comic book form but never a soap opera. Yes soap operas could actually work in comic book form, especially given that they often have the same cliches as the American super hero genre. For example characters being brought in for a cameo even when it makes no sense due to not acting or sounding the same. Heck, the resurrections that happened in All My Children and One Life To Live probably rival(ed) both Marvel and DC's numbers. In fact there are so many canceled soap operas that the rights to one could possibly be picked up for a price under a billion, or in some cases millions of dollars.

  I think this would be a good idea in order to continue the Soap Opera genre, especially because of the cost saving ability to not require as many writers or any musicians. At least for the canceled series it is a good idea. As for the format I feel that both printed collected editions and weekly in digital for a cost that is relative to the company's budget may be the right idea. So digital would be less than a printed edition based around production costs and company's annual budget background. I.E. if published by Marvel/Disney it should be less than if published by Lion Forge.

 Finally there is still a vast amount of fans of the current, canceled, and genre itself that this is a probable money-maker in the ink pot. Though the likelihood of this is probably as ill as seeing collected or digital editions with the original music of the surviving material from the 1960s.


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