Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 15 Opinion Piece

   Well it took me several years but I finally figured out all the reasons why I loathe this episode. First off Faye is treated as less intelligent than we have previously seen. I think this is because of the attempt to do a "sleeping beauty" goes into debt after awakening story. Seriously the creatives keep  heavily referencing the fairytale aspects from the beginning to around the middle section. It is very annoying to hear, and more so in my native dub due to the "Solar Antennae" remark.

   Another thing that annoys me is the singing during the Faye falling for the con montage. I mean if anyone wakes up in situation with no memory of themselves yet they retain every day knowledge than they should not be so gullible. For crying out loud if she was so desperate to know why not look up names of places she could remember. Also why did no one ever come looking for her, or for that matter keep tabs on her? Heck since it was a hospital what about DNA or facial or fingerprint recognition? 54 years is not that long a time that everyone would have forgotten these people existed. Finally if that is a hospital facility why were only three people working there?


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