Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 18 Opinion Piece

   This episode's opening is arguably overdramatic when it comes to suspense. I believe this to be true because like Spike and Jet's search for a player there is no result. Another thing that is annoying is how frustratingly stupid and impulsive Spike acts throughout the episode. I really just want to smack him! Not that I don't like the episode it is just that it could be better in character actions and direction. Speaking of the direction I have to wonder if it was in the script or direction to have Ed flick her nose with her toes. It is a very subtle thing but it happens. Finally I found the slight dialogue changes made the English dub better.

    Questions! How was the package still in transit through the mail if it stopped at all those locations? Did a whole bunch of people have to pay for shipping of the Beta Max tape? How many other people feel old from watching this episode and hearing about VHS and Beta Max tapes? How many people exist that are clueless about VHS, Beta Max tapes, their systems?


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