Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 19 Opinion Piece

  I think this episode would have benefited from an appearance or voice-over from the three senile old men. Anyone who disagrees needs to look up the Columbia Disaster and why this episode is already out there in believability. Speaking of which this episode really feels generic in the science fiction aspect, especially now that space shuttles are no longer used in the USA. Though it is enjoyable for those like myself who wanted to smack Spike for his actions in the last episode. Specifically Miles annoying Spike by yapping so much. Finally I prefer the English dub and that is mainly due to the dialogue changes.

   Questions! Who took the picture of Doohan, Spike & Miles we see at the end? Why did we have a moment where Spike is about to get coffee before a transition? Was there a pay-off to have the investigation of the Columbia Disaster shutdown? Why did Ein's pushing of the return key upset Ed so much? Was it a wrong key or a stolen moment of fun/glory?


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