Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 23 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue is focused mostly on Andrew and his annoying lack of development over a long amount of time. Andrew basically has an illusion of change in this issue when he makes a supposedly smart decision. However the logic of the plot point is non-sensical and irrelevant. Andrew should have already used magic, or had Willow or a demon council member do magic or something, to give Jonathan's consciousness a body. Instead Christos Gage compresses the story so that a surprise attack can be launched on the Sculptor, who apparently gave Jonathan a body. (Though I think said body houses some of the supposedly dead Sculptor and thus we will see him again.)

   Besides the of Andrew only do one thing right (which is not real change by the way) Gage also has signs of Buffy being an idiot and Spike being way too insecure. An explanation of the "Buffy being an idiot" is as follows: Buffy wants a "normal" life when normal is, and always has been, relative to the variables in one's existence. For crying out-loud she is the poster child for Slayers now and demons can openly walk the streets, so she should be post that desire. This is the biggest problem with all the Buffyverse characters are never truly developing new thoughts and desires after new experiences. Instead we get to see characters keep doing the same actions as before as if this was a property at DC or Marvel. The characters also fail to learn to communicate like in this issue and the past few issues.

  Two other problems for this issue concern the art and where Giles goes in this issue. I don't know why but Megan Levens has trouble being consistent with face designs. An example is the constantly changing design of Spike's nose. If she can improve on this area of her work she will be a much artist. Speaking of noses, I blame the script for not providing a more in-character reaction from Andrew regarding his kind of Owen Wilson look. Cause Andrew is and always has been a drama queen. (or would that be king?) As for Giles he is arguably made into a Pedophile type in that he wants to have sex with Fae people that look like children. Yes, the Fae are not human and older than they look, but still he himself is in a child's body and it just seems icky either way.

   Finally the narrative has gone off in too many directions and is greatly indeed of focus as to what is actually going on.

  Not Recommended!


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