Faith Issue 1 Advance Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  There is one small problem with the art and that is the faces lack enough texture. They just look a bit too smooth, especially Faith when she is doing the hero thing. However I do like the panel layouts, kinetic feel, and the emoting shown through the characters' actions and faces. Very masterful artwork in those ways that is complemented by equally great color selections.

   If there is one thing I want from this series it is for Faith's boss to be a Lex Luthor type nemesis at some point. In layman's terms a bald, smart villain who can't see through a disguise. Speaking of which the voices for all the characters are unique for each one. I feel there is story potential for a good fifty issues with this cast of characters and Faith's current job.

   Finally there are references and jokes galore that will please a lot of areas of geekdom. I look forward to the next few issues, and hopefully a Faith cartoon or live-action adaptation at some point. In other words: Extremely recommended!


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