Imperium Issue 11 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue has a thrilling cliffhanger for the present day setting, though the cliffhanger for the 1968 setting is mild by comparison. It mainly explores the horror of a sentient, but ruthless weapon. On a other level it explores how certain people will try an use others who are unwilling or unrelated to promote their (manipulator's) cause.

  While I do recommend this issue it is with two problems pointed out: The writing contains the problem of present day Harada revealing his sleep vault to the whole team. This makes the character appear a little bit more arrogant than usual, though to be fair he is tired at this time. As for the art it contains a script related problem in that a past panel is positioned in a jarring location. It briefly makes the issue feel like a "made for the trade" type comic. However it quickly bounces back from this problem. Finally I think the past scenes were a little too textured due to the amount of lines, but that is less a problem and more a nitpick.

   Overall this is a recommended issue, and it is heading towards being a recommended story arc.


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