In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 5

   I am a bit miffed by how they screwed up Motoki's sister name checking him in 1990s English dub. They have the sister call him Paul instead of Andrew in the English dub. Also a bit miffed that they did the kissing zombie bit in this episode when nothing like that happened in the past. Just seemed a tad weird and possibly sexist.

  Despite my problems with this episode I did like the Tuxedo Mask doll appearing in the dump before we see the real deal. Another thing I enjoyed is Mamoru not knowing the answer to Usagi's first kiss question, especially because those kind of moments can be lost to memory. (Happened to me for a while regarding my first kiss.) Of course the fact that past life experience is involved makes it especially tricky for Mamoru. Though I am surprised this hasn't come up sooner in this version of events.

    Questions! How come it took so long to put Unazuki's crystal back? Is it just me or was the legs sprouting from the vacuum cleaner kinda of a horror anime bit? Why are the villains laughing in the Japanese dub over the doctor's lack of kissing in recent (for them) years? Uh, Uranus and Neptune are still at the dump why exactly?


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