In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 6

  This episode raises the question: Why are the Daimon seeds not created and released in large amounts? Seriously it would be more interesting story-wise versus the latest villains just being more powerful than the last ones. Plus it would set-up why Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask were chosen to rule in the future due to being known for saving the world. Though this is not to say that this season is bad, at least not in the Japanese dub, but that it could have been better.

  As for the episode's original dubs I can really see why the "cousins" change for Uranus and Neptune annoyed original English viewers of this season. Also Umino winning, and beautiful, declaration of love for Naru is awesome in the Japanese dub. However I think it was ruined with the changes they made in the English dub, which simply makes it awkward. For example I almost got brought to tears by the Japanese speech and yet I was dry as a sandy desert with the English speech. Mind you both plots are very contrived.

  Questions! Why did Ami the smartest of the group fall for the daimon's dance partner illusion? Why did Kaolinite just mock the scouts instead of trying to either help the daimon or observe the sailor guardians' tactics? Why was Mamoru not shown at all? Finally why did the English dub's contest host sound like a stereotypical American carnival barker?


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