In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 7

 Who okayed the star hole located in such a prominent place on the monster? Seriously this whole episode is laced with innuendo in the Japanese Dub. It further adds to my belief that there were dirty minded staff members running the show this time around. I mean the monster keeps losing clothes and basically flashes Jupiter. Not to mention Kaolinite's neckline or lack there of. However I am amused by the most homosexual element being the bit between Haruka and Makoto in the original English dub's final conversation between the two. It is amusing due to how they tried to censor out all homosexual elements and yet they missed the massive element they added to the story. Close minded idiots got what they deserved!

  Going back to what I found annoying I have to say that the scarf monster's introduction is kind of scary compared to the previous monsters we have seen this season/series. I mean grabbing for one thing and it becoming a monster is basic nightmare material. Though the fact that the scare factor got reduced with every on-screen moment sucks.

  Finally are the girls all bi-curious to bi-sexual? Rei's magazine, Ami's "Not The Issue" statements while blushing, Makoto's admiration (which is an iffy example at best), among other examples give me reason to believe this to be possible.


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