Ninjak Issue 11 Review

   The textures in both the main story and "The Lost Files" story are exquisite. Though I found the latter to be more detailed. In regards to pacing the latter story is a quick, but that is due to it having to tell about the same amount of information in less pages. As for the art styles I believe Juan Jose Ryp and Doug Braithwaite are similar yet distinct enough to be complementary. (Which is something that can help comic books with connected stories.) Whereas the color palettes are equally good but more suited to the style of narrative each colorist is assigned. For example Brian Reber's palette selection is dealing with more of a video game type narrative akin to Final Fantasy. In other words a beautiful epic and weird story. On the other hand Ulises Arreola is dealing with a more textured and gothic feeling narrative. In conclusion this is a most recommended comic.


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