Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Jason Beere Edition

1. The Avengers #169 published around early 1978 is a racist and underwhelming story. Regarding the latter problem the plot is weak and the story has too much text.

2. Captain America #13 from 1997 is nonsensical crud. It has logic fails, lack of focus, and no reason to care about the story's characters. Not to mention Captain America may as well be just another guest-star in this issue.

3. The Fade Out #12 from 2016 just ends in a way that in my opinion suggests that Ed Brubaker wrote himself into a corner and got bored with the narrative. It is a fine work in a lot of other ways but the final page is too ambiguous. Finally there is no one left to like by the end of this story.

4. The Infinite #1 from 2011 is atrocious in art due to the now-standard flaws in Rob Liefeld's art. However it is also horrible in the writing because of the lack of proper setup and over-reliance of action. Honestly we are not given any real reason to believe that Bowen, the lead character, is truly in the right.


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