Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Red Iron Of Dedication Edition

1. Dedication #1 published in 2015 is lazy in the art in particularly what is on the various shelves in the store setting. Also it lacks the illusion of kinetic motion which causes it to feel slow and static even for a Zombie comic. If one does not know about the other series it is connected with than one may not realize it is a Zombie story.

2. Red Wolf #2 (2016) treats the story as if no one has heard of super-beings or unusual events happening. Instead we get Red Wolf reacting peacefully and yet he is arrested for pretty much no reason. This issue does not successfully build on any of the set-up from the first issue. Another thing worth mentioning is that the opening and closing of this issue are confusing.

3. Iron Man #10 (1997) has poor foreshadowing at the beginning and around the end of the issue. Also very frenetic line and design work. Finally the pacing is too quick.

4. Iron Man #12 (1997) has several jump cuts and leaps in logic.


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