Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Spider Britain Edition

1. Marvel Team-Up #65 is actually just a fight based off a misunderstanding between Captain Britain and Spider-Man. They don't actually team-up till next issue so this one is kind of pointless to read. Also the lame villain Arcade is used in this issue, and the most he does is tell a lie to the cops. As a single issue it just does not work on its own which single installments need to do.

2. I Come In Peace #1 (1991) is apparently the first part of a movie adaptation in comic book form.  The comic was published by Greater Mercury Comics. It has bad cliches and is riddled with mistakes on every creative level. There is also no depth to the characters or story which adds to the inaccessible narrative.

3. Both stories from Action Comics #430 (1973) are bad, though they could have easily have been good if not for certain flaws. For example The Atom's story has a weak plot that lacks depth and a lame ending. While Superman's story never answers the question on the cover. Also Superman kills innocent workers and causes unnecessary property damage! Finally there are plot-twists just appearing for no apparent logical reason to extend the Superman story.

4. Z-Men #1 published in 2015 by Double-Take, LLC. starts with a 1960s' type magazine advertisement which is just unnecessary for "fat" in the comic. Though the main problem this issue has is that it is written for a collected edition, because the zombie element does not appear until the end. Also Lyndon B. Johnson is shown in the story but he could easily be mistaken for Richard Nixon.


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