Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Spring Suckers Edition

1. Spring #1 (2016) has dialogue that makes no sense and only one time where it works as an actual interaction. There is no focus and nothing happens. Total waste of time and energy!

2. The 1982/1983 advertisement titled 'The Incredible Hulk And The Magic Snake' is nonsensical. First off jump cuts in the sequence of events. Serpentino (the villain) is dressed in the color scheme of the Magic Snake toy yet doesn't know about the toy. Also Hulk just happens to help the richest twins in the world and is not threatened by cops or security guards. Finally the Hulk smashes into the mansion and does not end up scaring anyone. The most he gets is a "BAH!" from the villain.

3. Power Man And Iron Fist #102 from 1984 is a poorly constructed tribute/send-up of The Maltese Falcon that starred Humphrey Bogart. (There is a version of The Maltese Falcon that was made before the Bogart one.) What makes it poor is the fact that there is exposition that is not needed. It also keeps jumping genres including straight up super hero action to an attempt at noir to fantasy.

4. Mortigan Goth: Immortalis #3 from 1994 has a made for the trade feel, which is odd due to collected editions not fully being a thing at the time. Also Doctor Strange is a wasted as a guest star. Finally I found the narrative a little dull and inaccessible because of where it starts and ends.


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