Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Volume 7 Manga Opinion Piece

   Okay this post is late because I have been helping an injured friend out for the past few weeks. Also because I am greatly confused as to wether the Kodansha Comics English translation of this volume is actually correct. Specifically is it saying that Haruka is not just a lesbian but a hermaphrodite? I mean there is a statement about how she has both qualities of the primary gender types. So that leads me to think that either the Japanese version is kind of insulting homosexual women, or that she is a hermaphrodite lesbian. (I would appreciate comments from anyone regarding this!)

  Another confusing thing is whether we have a retcon here involving Sailor Pluto's past as a guardian of time. Cause if I am not mistaken she started out guarding the time door as a kid. Though seeing as reincarnation, time paradoxes, and magic are involved who knows what really happened. However I do like that she is back in the narrative.

  I also like the fact that Chibi-Usa realizes how she reacted to Hotaru's Frankenstein form could have hurt Hotaru. Though I wish her other friends weren't sidelined to cameos. For that matter I miss Naru & Umino making appearances.


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