Rai Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Wow! This final issue has amazing art and writing but an abrupt cliffhanger ending. It is so abrupt I had to double check a non-review copy in order to make sure I wasn't missing something. Also this is really just a "to be continued" or "just the beginning" type ending with an actual continuation coming up. In other words if you were unsatisfied with this series than this is a good jumping off point for you. However, I think this is where things will turn into a more ensemble piece for the 4001 AD setting of the primary Valiant Universe and thus it is more a jumping on point. Finally there is nothing more I can say except nice foreshadowing and emoting. (Oh and that I personally want some story arcs about the simple-minded Lemur in 4001 AD.)


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