Recommended Comics List Of 4 Punish For Nothing Edition

1. The Punisher #14 (2002) is a fun mature readers comic that has enough going for it that I am recommending it for those looking for a short read.

2. The Punisher #15 (2002) for its premise of a ride-along with the Punisher. Also for the tiny bit of character development for Frank Castle when it comes to his choosing of targets and "friendships."

3. The Punisher #30 from 2003 for the powerful message of an oncoming future without, or at least less, bigots. Though the art is a little too Judge Dredd for my tastes.

4. Doctor Strange #4 (2015) is recommended as an example of a story's title actually being important in foreshadowing the events of the story. Also good art, coloring and writing. (Though the lettering was a little flawed.)


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