Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Punishing Of Creel Edition

1. The Punisher: War Zone #16 circa 1993 is a great ending to a great arc. Good design work and consistent anatomy. It also has okay choreography in crowded scenes. Simply put it is a rare find of awesome for that year.

2. Howard The Duck #3 (2016) is an entertaining read that continues providing new jokes based around the Marvel Universe. Also good art and coloring in both the main story and the Gwen Pool story.

3. The Avengers #184 (1979) is not the best Avengers story but it is pretty good. Quick and evenly paced with snappy dialogue and a nice plot. Though I would be hesitant to hand it to certain readers who might not understand what Falcon is doing with his "Yes mastuh" type mocking of authority.

4. The Death Of Captain Marvel by Jim Starlin Graphic Novel from 1982 is a good character death that has sort of stuck. Very nice inking and facial expressions. Also a nice character study while doing an ensemble piece.


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