Recommended Comics List Of 4 Punishment By Birthright Edition

1. The Punisher volume 4 #28 from 2003 is not the best fit in terms of the art. However, it establishes some verbal history of why Frank Castle is not homophobic.

2. Birthright #13 (2016) has good story and art with enough accessibility for any oncoming readers.

3. Mega Man Volume 2 Time Keeps Slipping (2012) collected edition is very accessible for both fans and non-fans of all ages. Cool art and great dialogue wrapped in a logical narrative.

4. Bitch Planet #1 (2014) for varied female forms and other great elements of art. Also great writing especially with Penny. Finally it has a well-written article in the back of this issue on concerning Feminism. Oh and did I mention the awesomeness that is Penny.


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