Starbrand And Nightmask Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue has a good premise and an amazing cover and great color selections. Everything else is horrifically bad. From the cameos by Squirrel Girl and Sunspot to the sudden love interest for Starbrand this comic is just not written well. For example there is no explanation of why Sunspot did not have the villain situation under control before the titular characters arrived. Nor is there an explanation of S.P.E.A.R. or how said organization appeared so quickly. As for Squirrel Girl, she was missing the tail in the pants and is used for a brief joke/reminder that she attends the same college. Finally, at least for the writing, the love interest is scarred and handicapped but is treated as a immediate "hottie" by Starbrand. So he possibly can immediately look past appearances (highly unlikely for a teen), has some fetishes I would have liked not to have learned right off the bat, or the writer skipped realistic developments.

  As for the internal art it has some stock characters looking grotesque in facial design. Not to mention being inconsistent on characters' basic designs. Finally the line work is weak and the art is a letdown when compared to the cover.

  My verdict: This is not recommended, even in the case of the Marvel fanatics out there.


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