X-O Manowar Issue 43 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue confronts the concept of racism in several ways, but most obviously with a vine boy playing with a human boy. Another example is the during the briefing where the "planting" majority is mentioned as wanting to co-exist with humans. That is kind of a metaphor for humankind in that most people just want to live their own lives as peacefully as possible. Finally there is reference made of a monster & war criminal from World War 2.

  While the issue as a whole is good there are problems in both the art and writing. First Capshaw seems like someone who would not ask to fly along with Aric while wearing a skirt. Yes, it was a good visual shot, but I think it would've worked better with pants. Another out of character moment is Aric going on the covert mission with Ninjak. I know that Aric is the titular character, but it just felt a little hard to believe because of how he stands out. My main problem with the art is that the line work needs a little more strength. The lines also may need to be better positioned, or increased in number, but I can not say for sure with out seeing stronger line work.

   I am recommending this comic for two reasons: First because most of the problems are more nitpick than actual flaw. Second because it confronts a social issue in an intelligent way.


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