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Itty Bitty Hellboy: The Search For The Were-Jaguar Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    This is just one more issue of kinda lame comedic gags concerning tiny kid friendly versions of the Hellboy cast. The jokes and story still having nothing to do with a "search for the Were-Jaguar." We are also not given reasoning as to why it referred to as a Were-Jaguar. I mean it never transforms into anything else, thus negating the were part of the phrase, and it does not resemble a Jaguar. Instead we get more jokes about Roger and the other rogers, not to mention the zombies. Finally there are two pop culture references that are dated and possible for people to fail to get, especially any kids reading it. Due to all of this I am not recommending this issue or the inevitable collected edition, unless one is a completist of something to do with this series.

Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior Issue 4 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  The time stamp on the first page is rendered pointless by the fact that the setting is an afterlife dimension that is outside of time. Said page provides panels that show off the lack of illusionary kinetic motion in this issue. Not to say there is no appearance of movement in certain areas, such as the main fight scene, but the illusion of movement is too subtle most of the time. Especially right before Gilad goes through the door. Finally the cliffhanger that leads into the next story arc does not feel earned in terms of emotional response. There is no set-up for this cliffhanger and it calls into question if the afterlife aspect was not a simulation. This may work in a deluxe edition that has both this story arc and the next however as a single issue I can't recommend it.

 Not recommended!

The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage Second Lives Issue 3 Review

I don't know if it is the fact that Roberto De La Torre was not the sole person working on the art but the faces, and expressions, get weird at times. Such as two characters in different panels on the fifth page featuring story. It is almost a jarring experience but not so much that one can not stay somewhat in the narrative's frame of mind. There is also the lack of background in certain areas. However this is a rare exception in that the art style actually seems to make this artistic fail/shortcut work. As for the coloring and lettering they are done as decently as the previous two issues. Finally the writing is still very engaging, fun and well-paced.

  My verdict: Recommended for anyone within the age range for this title.

Iron Fist Casting Controversy Opinion Piece

On the one hand I get why people are angry about yet another white actor being cast in the lead role for another Marvel property. Yes, the concept of a "great white hope" character reeks of imperialism and possible bigotry. I will agree that it even could work with an Asian-American actor for various parts of the concept. However I think that we would still be having the smae arguments but from opposite sides if a non-white actor had been chosen. Of course than the issue would be about forcing diversity. Honestly we should just wait and see what the future brings versus getting into a shouting match over one specific casting choice. In conclusion where is the anger over the constant lack of diversity in DC/Warner Bros superhero movies or even movies like Gods Of Egypt? ("I want the President Superman who just happens to be black in skin pigmentation!")

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 What About This Cover Edition

1. The cover to DC's Freedom Fighters #2 (1976) is horribly designed for a number of ways. First off the villain turns half the heroes to silver with one hand yet only threatens the other half. Another problem is the center spot is just missed which means buyers' eyes are not being taking anything in right away. This possibly caused the loss of some initial buyer interest for the issue. Finally there is the overabundance of text. Said text includes a dumb sentence suggesting that this group is "THE NEWEST SUPER GROUP Of All!" The reason this is idiotic is the fact that would mean there would never be another super group.

2. All-New All-Different Avengers #6 has clunky dialogue, uneven pacing, and various other text related problems. In my opinion this entire series is starting to be the worst thing Mark Waid has ever written. (For those who disagree know that I think Waid is usually way more talented then this and I hope things turn around on the title.)

3. The '…

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episodes 12 & 13

Episode 12 is awesome and very logical, even though it has the abusive slap moment. Said moment both makes sense and yet doesn't. I mean have Usagi and Mamoru been together a long time and yet they never mentioned their birth dates to each other. Kind of illogical on that point, but I could see it happening with all the battles they fight. However what definitely does not make sense is the giant crowd at the end of the scene. Where did all these gawkers come from?

    On another note Haruka has pretty much the only still cool fashion in terms of civilian clothes. Seriously all the others are kind of dated or in Mamoru's case horrible. Even by the mid-nineties that sweater would have been considered ugly and out of fashion? Speaking of fashion for one more second the concept of glass slippers as actual shoes just does not work due to their breakable nature. So why did they try and recreate a fairytale moment? Heck how many fairytales have they referenced in all the episodes …

Captain Midnight Issue 23 Review With Spoilers

Warning For Spoilers!

   There are problems like some blank backgrounds, a possible text error, and the setting going from inside to suddenly being outside. However the fast paced script and charged kinetic feel of the art lessen these major problems. Especially good are the unexpected entrance by Skyman and the somewhat expected entrance by X. As for the cover it kicks off the pace by being both action-oriented and kind of iconic in feel, though I do think the color palette could have used had a few darkened areas. Overall this is a recommended comic that will not fully please everyone but is at least entertaining.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Background Icons Edition

1. Criminal The Sinners #3 (2009) is has plenty of complexity while being accessible and a good mature readers story.

2. Criminal The Sinners #5 (2010) is kind of accessible, but definitely a satisfying conclusion to a good mature readers series.

3. Karnak #2 (2016) is recommended just for having a simple yet complex narrative.

4. Hercules #4 (2016) because it continues an accessible and fun story arc with great art. Also because it is exploring godhood and past versus present mythological icons.

Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 22 Opinion Piece

Where is the funk? I mean music is supposed to play an important part in this anime yet nobody brought the funk for an episode titled "Cowboy Funk." Also I found the bounty character more interesting and likable than even the leads this episode. Even the meta dialogue between Faye and Jet when first discussing Andy is kind of uninteresting to me. Did someone just want a Western genre parody episode? Finally did Faye steal those cans from Andy or did he give them to her after she slept with him? Either way I am pretty sure she slept with the rich idiot.

X-O Manowar Issue 44 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  This issue has a problem with some of the Vine planting characters, both stock and supporting, looking way too similar in the face. Heck the first Vine planting to be killed in this issue looks like a corpse he encounters. If it wasn't for the excellent coloring and decent line work this problem would be more memorable and major. As for the writing the summaries are definitely telling readers more than what happened previously. In fact they have recently been foreshadowing things in the last few issues. This is yet another problem. Finally the fact that Aric and Ninjak have been less than discreet in their attacks on the Vine plantings that want war is a weak plot element. I mean it would have worked better if Ninjak had worked behind the scenes while Aric got the peaceful Vine on his side. Even keeping the peaceful Vine in the loop would have been smarter.

  My verdict: Recommended even though this is not up to the quality I expect from Valiant.

Ninjak Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

    The coloring and general design of Ember in "The Lost Files" story seems like it could be off. However since I can't remember if we have saw him powered down last issue I am going to write this off as a nitpick. (Yes I know this is lazy but this is my blog.) As for the rest of the art for both stories it is very good, and works in a way that makes the expositions necessary. Also characterization is top-notch and it possibly presents us with the most likable version of the current Shadowman. Though I do think Neville dialogue's got a bit jarring around the first mention of "Demon Barristers." Of course that may just be the ignorant American part of my personality rearing its head. Overall I think this is an awesome issue that presents lots of potential ideas that Valiant could explore in the future.

Leaving Megalopolis: Surviving Megalopolis Issue 2 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   There is a lack of texture for of the new characters faces during their introduction. A few lines in the cheeks, or other areas of the face, would have fixed this problem. Also there is at least one vehicle that lacks the illusion of kinetic motion. Though the rest of the art is fine to serviceable. Also fine to serviceable is the color palette.

   As for the writing it is affected by two things at the end of the issue: The name-based gag menu and the completed six part cover art. The menu is a boring gag that seems to be a way for readers to learn character names. While the cover reveal suggests this is a mini-series instead of a series, which will disappoint some readers if this is true. This last point also means that I am right in assuming this is a made for the trade work. It sort of feels that way in some areas like the wrecked comic and collectibles shop. Despite these problems the good, such as characterization, out-weighs the bad and thus I am giving t…

Leaving Megalopolis: Surviving Megalopolis Issue 1 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   I recommend this issue with the caveats that one definitely needs to read the summary at the beginning and that it is a mature readers comic. If one does not read the comic than the time stamp will just seem to be more of a mistake than it is. What I mean by "more of" is that flashbacks happen without time stamps so things could get confusing for some readers. That being said Gail Simone's writing is pretty strong in this issue even though the strength of the dialogue wavers at times. As for the art it looks like Jim Calafiore did better on proportions and line work on the interiors than the cover. Now this will not be every age-appropriate readers cup of tea but it is a serviceable beginning to a series with potential.

Unused Horror Concepts List Of 4 Titles For Trucking Edition

1. The Pinball Wizards Drag Race Dracula's Roller Derby in 2D animation.

2. Honey I Drunkenly Massacred With The Neighbor's Kid! a potential horror/comedy

3. The Trial Of Nessie Vs. Carrie; could be a legal procedure featuring mentally powered Carrie and her opponent the Loch Ness Monster.

4. Pinball Headed Goat-People Invaded My College

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 Issue 24 Review With Spoilers

Warning For Spoilers!

  The "Ghost Anya" sub-plot apparently is continuing to serve no purpose despite this season of BTVS ending in several issues. Also there is nothing connecting this issue to the last one except the final battle with the last two big bads just suddenly coming about and the creepy new supernatural girlfriend that Giles is suddenly with.* Christos Gage also tries to be meta with Buffy pointing out the disturbing feeling a lot of readers probably have regarding said relationship. However Gage fails in this attempt partly because of the rushed feel of the writing, but mainly the sudden scene change to the aforementioned "Ghost Anya" sub-plot. Finally the art, coloring and lettering are reason enough for hardcore and completist fans of the Buffyverse to pick up this issue, but I don't recommend it for anyone else.

*Personally I liked pre-dead adult Giles and even Giles being dead over this creepiness.

Films That Stole Time From My Life And I Know Suck Secret Of The Snoozefest Edition

Warning Of Spoilers

1. Bride And Prejudice (2005)is a perfect example of when trying to mix too many elements into a media product. Among the many elements are Jane Austen, Bollywood, contemporary songs that will not be timeless, and trying to please everybody. The pacing is horrible, the male lead is wooden, and the story is too condensed. I also think that they might have used different singers for the vocals in one musical number.

2. Back in 1993 I was kinda of okay with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III but looking back on it that the movie meanders too much in plot. Another thing is it feels now like they weren't even trying, especially with the apparent ancestor to Casey Jones being played by the same actor. When I was a kid this movie disappointed me though I couldn't tell you why but now I realize all the reasons it failed to impress.

3. The James Bond movie Skyfall (2012) starring Daniel Craig because of the shower scene, the villain's "teeth" problem (spe…

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Cross That Horse Edition

1. Cross #0 published by Dark Horse Comics in 1995 jumps right into a story already in motion. This will not work for everyone but the story and art are pretty great for a mid-nineties comic book. The background information on the Cross character and brand is another reason for acquiring this issue, especially for those interested in the writing profession.

2. Slab #1 published 2015 by Double-Take, LLC.  is a decent period piece zombie comic. Though it does have a few grammar mistakes. Also unlike other comics set in this publisher's universe we actually get to see zombies action in this issue.

3. Uncanny X-Men #110 from 1978 is a great example of how to write a team book with the characters acting as individual parts of a unit. It is very accessible and definitely okay for kids to read. Also it does not feel dated except in terms of some of the fashions. From a comic studies perspective it is a good example of how the X-men have changed in narrative style from their beginnings to…

Kim W. Andersson's Alena Graphic Novel Is Coming To The United States Dark Horse Press Release

Kim W. Andersson’s “Alena” Arrives in America FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR— Kim W. Andersson is making waves in the international comics and film community. His original Swedish graphic novel Alena was adapted into a feature-length film in Sweden that just received a critically acclaimed US debut at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2016. Now the graphic novel will see full US distribution through Dark Horse Comics. Alena’s life is a living hell. Since she arrived at a snobbish boarding school, she’s been harassed every day by Philippa and the girls on the lacrosse team. But Alena’s best friend Josephine is not going to accept that anymore. Not from the counselor or the principal, not from Philippa, and not from anyone else at that horrid school. If Alena does not fight back, then Josephine will take matters into her own hands. There’s just one problem . . . Josephine has been dead for a year. Author and artist Kim W. Andersson (The Complete Love Hurts) is the winne…

Usagi Yojimbo Issue 152 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The cover presents a different kind of story than what is actually contained in this issue. In fact this story has a pretty non-violent interior fight scene. Thus the cover art is rendered kind of stupid due to the false promise of a different plot. However the narrative still deals with torrential rain, a fight, and a dam which keep the promised story from being a total falsehood. Speaking of the interiors the art is amazing specifically when minimalism is used in a distance shot. In the hands of someone of lesser ability than Stan Sakai said minimalistic art would not have worked. Finally Tom Luth again chose an excellent selection of colors for the cover.


In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 11

The ending in both versions suggests a very disturbing love affair between Artemis and Minako and that is just wrong! Also this episode is not just pure filler but is also totally insane. I mean the monster is wearing practically nothing, especially if one considers that the volleyballs in the chest region may not be a bra at all. For crying out loud they keep changing from appearing like a bra to appearing not to be one. Another thing is the misnomer of an episode title saying that this is about Minako considering quiting the Sailor Guardians. Yeah for about a second or two and then it changes back to wanting romance. Speaking of romance there is none just a guy who thinks one common interest is a deal-breaker. Finally the Sailor V stuff is just an unneeded element that makes Minako seem crazy.

  Questions! Were the staff writers and other officials insane during the process of making this episode? Why did they break the pattern of "Lovely!" for the after-effect of Sailor…

Bloodshot Reborn Issue 10 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Like the futures presented in Book Of Death: Fall Of Harbinger this story arc seems to be showing only a possible future. This premise works only due to how long-lasting the impact from stories like the Armor Hunters have been in the past. As for the narrative itself the heavily textured art and vast amount of internal monologue work together to tell a cohesive story. Though the (imagined) voice for 30 years future Bloodshot seems to have gone a tiny bit southern because of the dialogue and setting. This is a plus in my opinion since I believe Bloodshot was too much of a cipher before in how I thought he would sound. Finally the colors and the use of other Valiant brands such as X-O Manowar are done beautifully.

   Update! Forgot to mention this is a recommended issue.

Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 21 Opinion Piece

This episode makes no sense to me! I mean is the explanation for the ending science fiction or fantasy? Heck just the whole Feng Shui aspect makes no sense with the English dub and the western aspects of the show. Another thing I don't get is why they show up on Mars more than any other planet. Why not Uranus? Speaking of other non-Earth locations which Moon were the two Sun Stones a part of exactly? If it was Earth's moon that would tie-in with the devastation to said planet, and the mention of a gate incident leads me to believe this is the case. Finally I just was not feeling the music for this episode it just felt too subtle.

  Standalone Questions! How is Pao alive and talking for so long if he was out of Oxygen? How is Spike not on the run from a syndicate if no one can leave alive? Why did the English dub mention a force field instead of an energy output problem during the one attempt to save Pao? If Pao's daughter hated him why did she take after his Feng Shui m…

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 Gad Glad Is Very Sad Edition

1. Wolverine Origins #21 (2008) features a weak narrative where Deadpool is concerned. This is due to the poor attempts at comedic shtick and the generalized insanity Deadpool is given in this realistic setting. The dialogue is another weak spot in the writing. Finally Wolverine's claws are way too long on the cover so there is no way he could house them in his arms.

2. "Marvelman And The Stolen Radium" is a story that was published in Marvelman #25 (1954) and it has a weak plot and terribly executed plot twists. For instance Marvelman just gets involved through happenstance. Also the villain apparently had some connection to the plot yet is never truly seen till the unmasking scene. Finally said bad guy's plan and activities are revealed in a exposition filled thought bubble.

3. The story "Marvelman And The Stolen Reflections" from Marvelman #32 (1954) has okay art. However there are multiple lettering mistakes. Finally the villain's ambition is to be …

A Critique I Wrote Back In 2007 On La Jetée

La Jetée is a commentary on time and how we perceive it. Memories can be a series of pictures in our heads that we cannot be sure of, especially in terms of which pictures are real memories and which are pictures of our imagination.  I felt an emotional connection with the still images because I have thought about time travel and how I could go back to change events in my past that I have fixated on. 
In the essay “Unchained Melody” by Jonathan Romney, he states that “La Jetée’s narrative…is a Möbius strip” in a never-ending continuous loop.  I can’t agree with this because we only get to know the man and his story through the lens of what is told to us in the narrative.  We can never be sure if the man really time travels or if it is an hallucination from the experiments.  We also do not know if someone eventually prevents the pre-destined time loop from re-occurring in the future.  Like Romney, I also see that the man is fixated on a single memory.  He fixates on a series of moment…

Hellboy Winter Special 2015/2016 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Slight Spoilers!

   The cover art by Tim Sale is nice in its simplicity yet not outstanding due to said simplicity. Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart's variant cover work has the same deal going for as Sale's work. As for the variant cover art by Micheal Avon Oeming, which was colored by Dave Stewart, there is a visible problem with the proportions of Hellboy's regular arm. Specifically the arm looks too small and emaciated. Ben Stenbeck's variant work also has a too small arm but the more cartoonish style lessens  this problem slightly.

  In regards to the interior narratives they are all good and feel right for a winter special. This is due to how they reflect winter/holiday concerns such as problems with communication, acquiring food, mourning those who died, and the cycle of seasonal renewal. However the plot for the opening story seems more suited for a winter special starring Robert E. Howard's Conan. As for "Kung Pao Lobster" it could have w…

Sleeping With Other People Movie Review

This doesn't seem like it is just inspired by and styled similar to When Harry Met Sally but an improvement on the basic premise. Said premise being two friends falling for each other while missing the obvious happening and then finally ending up together. Yes there are some similar feeling moments however there is nothing truly derivative in this movie. Heck, from the varied and frank discussions on sex and relationships to the supporting and minor characters this is arguably a much better movie. Certainly a more positive outlook on life and relationships of all kinds. No one feels like a stereotype or cliche either.

  In terms of on-screen chemistry, both romantic and just working well together, everyone plays well off each other. Even when characters are being jerks there is still something to like or at least a reason to see them as human. As for jokes the script has a few moments that almost makes things feel awkward but the writing and direction quickly course corrects thi…

Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 20 Opinion Piece

This is probably the only episode where I feel genuinely bad for a villain in Cowboy Bebop. I mean the bit when his mind breaks and he is screaming for his mother is sad and messed up yet relatable. Also Jet is accurate when he says children are cruel like nothing else. If they ever made another Cowboy Bebop movie then the secrets of the ISSP higher-ups mentioned in this episode would provide good material. Finally I loved the sense of camera movement in this episode.

  Questions! How many other people have no preference regarding which dubbing of this episode they watch? Why did that cat sit there so long during the experiments? Was the cat supposed to be a control element in the experiment in the way a leash might be? How many Cowboy Bebop fans are fans of French "New Wave" style cinema?

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 10

The Americanized version of Yuichiro of is less entertaining and a bit of a lame character with the different voice actor. This is also true with the English dub's Grandpa, especially because this voice actor sounds less like a happy-go-lucky old man. Though I do prefer the Japanese Dub of this episode I don't think the English version was bad. I mean Yuichiro actually gets possible honest communication on his chances of an actual romance with Rei. However this episode's story would have been better if Rei had destroyed the monster and/or Yuichiro had learned Sailor Guardians' identities. Instead we get the cost saving measure of reused animation and Rei lying to her love interest as if this was a Superman story. I don't like the latter element at all.

   Questions! Why do the train and the other objects change mass and size when they change into monsters? Yes there is magic involved but I want to know more about the rules. For instance is there only so big a mo…

The Spring Return of Beasts Of Burden Dark Horse Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: MILWAUKIE, OR—Evan Dorkin (Eltingville Club, Milk and Cheese), Sarah Dyer (The Dark Horse Book of Monsters) and Jill Thompson (Scary Godmother) return to the characters that won them the Eisner Awards for Best Short Story and Best Publication for Teens with a new one-shot comic: Beasts of Burden: What the Cat Dragged In! This standalone adventure is a perfect entry point for readers new to the award-winning series. When curiosity gets the best of Burden Hill’s cats (and one reluctant raccoon), sleeping demons are awakened and black magic is unleashed on the town of Burden Hill. Multiple award-winning comics creators Evan Dorkin and Jill Thompson first introduced these very special investigators in The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings and the other Dark Horse Book of . . . anthologies, for which they won coveted Eisner Awards for Best Short Story and Best Painter. In 2009, the beasts of Burden Hill received their own miniseries, Animal Rites, which garnered widespre…

Eerie Issue 8 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   The stories range from great to okay. "Goldfish" and "RI, Master Of Men" are merely okay due to a problem with their page count. Whereas the former could have used a few more pages to truly develop its horrific narrative the latter should have had less. As for the story titled "Human Resources" it perfectly incapsulates the kind of narrative I expect from a comic called Eerie. Very clean lines and nice build-up to the horrifying reveal. Finally the last two features and the cover art are entertaining, but not really packing too much of a scare. Overall a recommended issue, but just barely.

Recommended Comics List Of 4 Mega Rush Roll Edition

1. Marvel's Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 5 is recommended for its levity and thrills.

2. Mega Man Vol. 1: Let The Games Begin from 2011 is just an awesome start to a mostly great series. It provides proper set-up, foreshadowing, and realistic dialogue with logical reactions. The art and colors are solid.

3. The English translation of Mega Man: Mega Mix Volume 2 published by UDON in 2010 is a manga for fans of the franchise. Recommended for its kid friendly nature.

4. Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Year Two #2 (2016) has a great narrative that new and old fans will love. It is definitely recommended for those wanting Clara Oswald/Twelfth Doctor shipping inspiration.

Imperium Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Ryp's design sensibilities for the scenes set in the past are amazing. However Juan needs to work on his proportions for females specifically in the size of feet and toes. As for the graphicness in this issue it just verges on a possible mature rating, especially with a certain panel by Cafu. Though if one looks at the overall message, and the final character interaction, one will be astounded by the quality of the narrative. I feel there is more history between Tess Solomon and Toyo Harada just from the mentioned final character interaction. Finally the idea that LV-99 is able to grow as an individual is done beautifully not just in the writing but in the coloring. If this issue, or even the story arc, had no color palette it would arguably greatly lessen in impact.

 An extremely recommended comic in both single and collected formats!

The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage Second Lives Issue 2 Review

The summary page is great in both the amount of text based information it gives and the experimental layout of the minimalistic visual information. Other comic professionals, and illustrators of novels, might want to take note of the idea of experimenting with the design of summary pages. As for the interior art it is a little problematic in the facial expressions on the first page's last panel. However the rest of the art is definitely amazing for evoking the horrors of the supernatural in this story. Specifically the rough frenzied style of the line work. Finally the dialogue feels realistic and unique for each character and the pacing is excellent.

   Recommended for all comic readers that are old enough for this issue. Also fans of the supernatural and those looking for realistic banter between a couple.

Not Recommended Comics List Of 4 The Venom Shivers Edition

1. Venom #1 from 2003 has chaotic interior line work and a made for the trade script.

2. 1983's Marvel Team-Up #126's first story with Luke Cage/Power Man and The Son Of Satan is almost okay except for the abrupt ending. It just needed more room to develop. The alleged team-up between the Hulk and Spider-Man is just a fight between the two.

3. Nightcrawler #1 from 2004 is problematic from the amount of security on duty in the initial setting to basic grammar issues. Also having been a child resident of a mental hospital in my youth I know for a fact that this story has a unrealistic opening. The fact is that children are usually not left unattended by orderlies or nurses in the play areas. Not to mention the way Nightcrawler gets involved is highly unusual given the opening incident is being investigated by official investigators.

4. Honor #1 published in 2015 by Double-Take, LLC. is essentially just one day in two cops' lives. The art is too subtle at times. Finally the n…

Usagi Yojimbo Issue 148 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   This issue is not only recommended, but one I consider to be essential. I have several reasons why I consider it to be essential and they are as follows: Usagi gambles on a fight and this is a bit of a rarity for such an honorable character. Another reason that this story works is because of the main title character simply reacting. This is something that only a master of a creative field, in this case sequential art, can do with a narrative. The flashback visuals in the One-Armed Ronin's tale are beautiful in their simplistic design and execution. Finally there is the simple fact that I happen to agree with the ending moral of this issue. So as I said at the start this is a recommended and essential issue.

Itty Bitty Hellboy The Search For The Were-Jaguar Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Strong visual gags plus a slight kinetic feel within the minimal art. The subtitle is still screwing this book up because no one has had to actually search for the Were-Jaguar. Also the Flower Zombies make more of an appearance than the Were-Jaguar. In terms of the overall narrative The bubble bit is the funniest bit, though Baba Yaga and her doomsaying almost stole the show. I still don't think this is a recommended comic in the singles format, but I may recommend the series collected edition depending on how the last issue goes.

  Not recommended in single format unless you already got all the prior singles, a fanatic regarding the creators' work, or simply need some hope in life.

In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 9

The Americanized version of Mamoru leaves the episode with a line that makes him sound like a bad boyfriend. Also based on the interactions in this episode I have to say the English dub is inferior to the Japanese dub. For instance Kaolinite somehow knowing the English version of Neptune is the "cousin" of Uranus comes out of nowhere. That being said Ami's first line is more believable in the original English Dub due to her book's positioning.

    Questions! How come Yamada is able to call off the attackers if he had nothing to do with the attack? Why were Haruka's single attacks on the would-be murderers enough to scare them off? Shouldn't Uranus's unique smell have tipped off Artemis and Luna in prior episodes? Also what exactly did she smell like that in combination with the hold made Usagi think of men and cologne? For that matter shouldn't the unique smell involve a combination of cologne, sweat, and motor oil? Were the television monitors act…

Star Wars The Force Awakens Mini-Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Some Spoilers!

   This edition in the franchise is good in the original aspects but bad in the derivative aspects. The ending is too long at the tail-end. I have no problem with Fin as a character, and I honestly feel John Boyega should have gotten some major award nominations. His accent and acting is just that good. The only character I have a problem with is Kylo Ren. Partly due to his actions but mainly because of how he does not look like a relation of Han or Leia. Finally I do think this is better in being a Star Wars movie versus the prequel movies except in how politics are shown.

   Note: When this hits Blu-Ray I will eventually come back to write a more detailed review.

Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior Issue 3 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

   Other than one barely noticeable bit of text at the beginning there are no real problems in this comic. Though I do think this issue was a tiny bit off in pacing. Also the summary ends with a bit that confused me as to whether a mistake was made or if a hint of future arcs was being given. The last nitpick I have is that the torture felt a little less than it could have been given those involved. I mean demons should not be so generic in their torture methods. However one has to look consider the rating and it can restrict what can be done. Also we are only seeing the tail end of what Gilad had to endure.

   On the positive side of things the art is beautiful in a gothic way that evokes some of the line work of Mike Mignola. Though the line work is still distinctive enough so it won't be confused for a copy of Mignola's style. As for the writing it has lighter moments to elevate the dark nature of the narrative.