Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 20 Opinion Piece

  This is probably the only episode where I feel genuinely bad for a villain in Cowboy Bebop. I mean the bit when his mind breaks and he is screaming for his mother is sad and messed up yet relatable. Also Jet is accurate when he says children are cruel like nothing else. If they ever made another Cowboy Bebop movie then the secrets of the ISSP higher-ups mentioned in this episode would provide good material. Finally I loved the sense of camera movement in this episode.

  Questions! How many other people have no preference regarding which dubbing of this episode they watch? Why did that cat sit there so long during the experiments? Was the cat supposed to be a control element in the experiment in the way a leash might be? How many Cowboy Bebop fans are fans of French "New Wave" style cinema?


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