Blue Asteroids Cowboy Bebop Episode 21 Opinion Piece

   This episode makes no sense to me! I mean is the explanation for the ending science fiction or fantasy? Heck just the whole Feng Shui aspect makes no sense with the English dub and the western aspects of the show. Another thing I don't get is why they show up on Mars more than any other planet. Why not Uranus? Speaking of other non-Earth locations which Moon were the two Sun Stones a part of exactly? If it was Earth's moon that would tie-in with the devastation to said planet, and the mention of a gate incident leads me to believe this is the case. Finally I just was not feeling the music for this episode it just felt too subtle.

  Standalone Questions! How is Pao alive and talking for so long if he was out of Oxygen? How is Spike not on the run from a syndicate if no one can leave alive? Why did the English dub mention a force field instead of an energy output problem during the one attempt to save Pao? If Pao's daughter hated him why did she take after his Feng Shui methods?


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