Hellboy Winter Special 2015/2016 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Slight Spoilers!

   The cover art by Tim Sale is nice in its simplicity yet not outstanding due to said simplicity. Mike Mignola and Dave Stewart's variant cover work has the same deal going for as Sale's work. As for the variant cover art by Micheal Avon Oeming, which was colored by Dave Stewart, there is a visible problem with the proportions of Hellboy's regular arm. Specifically the arm looks too small and emaciated. Ben Stenbeck's variant work also has a too small arm but the more cartoonish style lessens  this problem slightly.

  In regards to the interior narratives they are all good and feel right for a winter special. This is due to how they reflect winter/holiday concerns such as problems with communication, acquiring food, mourning those who died, and the cycle of seasonal renewal. However the plot for the opening story seems more suited for a winter special starring Robert E. Howard's Conan. As for "Kung Pao Lobster" it could have worked in more of a winter theme versus just being a short gag story. Though the sketchy draftsmanship suited that type of story. Finally Michael Walsh needs to watch how minimalistic he allows faces to get.

   Overall though this is a comic that is entertaining and adds a little more to the Hellboy mythos. Thus I recommend it for fans of the franchise and those who enjoy horror/ supernatural stories.


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