Imperium Issue 12 Review With Spoilers

Warning Of Spoilers!

  Ryp's design sensibilities for the scenes set in the past are amazing. However Juan needs to work on his proportions for females specifically in the size of feet and toes. As for the graphicness in this issue it just verges on a possible mature rating, especially with a certain panel by Cafu. Though if one looks at the overall message, and the final character interaction, one will be astounded by the quality of the narrative. I feel there is more history between Tess Solomon and Toyo Harada just from the mentioned final character interaction. Finally the idea that LV-99 is able to grow as an individual is done beautifully not just in the writing but in the coloring. If this issue, or even the story arc, had no color palette it would arguably greatly lessen in impact.

 An extremely recommended comic in both single and collected formats!


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