In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 9

   The Americanized version of Mamoru leaves the episode with a line that makes him sound like a bad boyfriend. Also based on the interactions in this episode I have to say the English dub is inferior to the Japanese dub. For instance Kaolinite somehow knowing the English version of Neptune is the "cousin" of Uranus comes out of nowhere. That being said Ami's first line is more believable in the original English Dub due to her book's positioning.

    Questions! How come Yamada is able to call off the attackers if he had nothing to do with the attack? Why were Haruka's single attacks on the would-be murderers enough to scare them off? Shouldn't Uranus's unique smell have tipped off Artemis and Luna in prior episodes? Also what exactly did she smell like that in combination with the hold made Usagi think of men and cologne? For that matter shouldn't the unique smell involve a combination of cologne, sweat, and motor oil? Were the television monitors actually holographs or was Kaolinite actually able to not destroy one under her? Speaking of which who acquired the footage/images of the heroes in the first place?


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