In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 10

   The Americanized version of Yuichiro of is less entertaining and a bit of a lame character with the different voice actor. This is also true with the English dub's Grandpa, especially because this voice actor sounds less like a happy-go-lucky old man. Though I do prefer the Japanese Dub of this episode I don't think the English version was bad. I mean Yuichiro actually gets possible honest communication on his chances of an actual romance with Rei. However this episode's story would have been better if Rei had destroyed the monster and/or Yuichiro had learned Sailor Guardians' identities. Instead we get the cost saving measure of reused animation and Rei lying to her love interest as if this was a Superman story. I don't like the latter element at all.

   Questions! Why do the train and the other objects change mass and size when they change into monsters? Yes there is magic involved but I want to know more about the rules. For instance is there only so big a monster can get like the train monster in this episode. What about pure hearts? Specifically does the ability to identify them appear and disappear based on the purity of desire? Cause that train had to have made a lot of stops before Yuichiro's. Finally what happened to the Train's driver? We apparently never see him once he leaps/falls out of the transforming train.


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