In The Name Of The Moon It Will Be Blogged Sailor Moon S Episode 11

  The ending in both versions suggests a very disturbing love affair between Artemis and Minako and that is just wrong! Also this episode is not just pure filler but is also totally insane. I mean the monster is wearing practically nothing, especially if one considers that the volleyballs in the chest region may not be a bra at all. For crying out loud they keep changing from appearing like a bra to appearing not to be one. Another thing is the misnomer of an episode title saying that this is about Minako considering quiting the Sailor Guardians. Yeah for about a second or two and then it changes back to wanting romance. Speaking of romance there is none just a guy who thinks one common interest is a deal-breaker. Finally the Sailor V stuff is just an unneeded element that makes Minako seem crazy.

  Questions! Were the staff writers and other officials insane during the process of making this episode? Why did they break the pattern of "Lovely!" for the after-effect of Sailor Moon's finishing move in the Japanese dub? Like was there a real Japanese volleyball team being cheered for? Why have Uranus and Neptune been able to psychically sense the monster attacks all of a sudden? How come they did nothing in this episode? Exactly how was the athlete able to stay aware after his heart was taken when no one else has done so? Also that is so contrived that he figures out Venus's identity based off one clue!


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